Season 3 guest wishlist

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Anyone know if there will be a season 3?
If so, here's my pitch for guests:

Hank Green (vlogbrothers)
Hannah Hart (YTer)
Jeffrey Shih (Twitch streamer Trump of Hearthstone fame)
Ashly Burch (VO actress)
Randall Munroe (xkcd)
Brian Kibler (MTG celeb)
Brooke Dodger Leigh (DexBonus)
Joseph Gordon-Levitt (actor, confirmed MTG player)
Seth Rogen (mentioned he plays on his Reddit AMA)


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    Hi @AndrewDMarston and welcome to the forums.

    Whilst the moderators here are only fan volunteers, I can still confirm the official return of Spellslingers Season 3, as it was recently revealed on the G&S twitter account during SXSW.

    As to potential guests, you can find some community recommendations on the potential season 2 guests thread here, and since then I would also add Dennis Duhamel aka Force Strategy Gaming to my picks. He has a weekly magic strategy show on YouTube already, and would likely be a pretty even match up for Sean.

    Also I would say that the appearance of Ify Nwadiwe (who does the M:TG show on G&S's Twitch channel) is pretty much a given.

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  • Ack, I must've missed the announcement. Thanks so much! I'll head over to the thread you recommended to see who else has been suggested.
    Thanks again!
  • Chris Kluwe (Punter for Minnesota Vikings) - Hardcore Player
    Blake Anderson (Workaholics) - "Always carries a deck" played a swarm deck in an episode
    Dillon Francis (EDM DJ)
    Seth Green
    Adrienne Curry
    Rob Van Dam (WWE/ECW/TNA Pro Wrestling Legend)
    Morgan Webb (X-Play/G4)
    Kevin Perreira (G4/AOTS/Super Creative)
    Adrian Peterson (One of the best RB in the NFL) - image
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