[Sub-Only] Minecraft Server - Maps, Who's Where, Places of Interest?

Hi all,

Soo thanks to Jess & Stef I've started playing Minecraft after not having played since.. well when it first came out. I've claimed a nice bit of land on our server with a fantastic view and there's lots of cool looking items there and awesome player houses. I am proposing a couple things:

1. I know there are some maps in game, but what if we posted a version of it here with labels on where people's houses are and other POI's?
2. Minecraft thread/category with screenshots?  Extra MC hype = potentially more subs!


  • This sounds like a good plan to me. Btw, how do Twitch subs, like myself, gain access to the G&S server? I've tried asking in Twitch chat and sending messages to mods, to no avail. I'm looking to play more MC, and I'd like to do it with other like-minded adults.
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  • @MisterAngstrom Did you ever get the IP for the server? 

    Also, there is a creative challenge this week! In a 41x41 plot, build a scene from your fav sci-fi/fantasy IP! 
  • Yes. All set now. Thanks!
    Sometimes science is more art than science, Morty. A lot of people don't get that.
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    [Update: Zac & Kiki let me know that I needed to message geekandsundry on Twitch to get the minecraft info. Done.]

    I subscribed to Geek & Sundry’s Twitch Channel. How do I go about getting the minecraft server IP address?

  • I too have subscribed, and have asked this in chat on the Twitch channel, but have never been given the IP.
  • panzipanzi Member
    @magistus If you're a subscriber, just enter !ip in the twitch chat. Nightbot gives you then the details. The "IP" is now actually a domain name.
  • so I used to be able to connect to the minecraft server. However, now that it's changed to a domain name, the one that the !ip  command has nightbot give me minecraft refuses to resolve the host. :( I copied and pasted directly from the chat and made sure there were no spaces. It just refuses to resolve. :( any help from anyone?  Other Minecraft servers resolve, but this one doesn't. I've had this issue before with other servers, and I needed to go by actual IP or have a port number. :/
  • Hmm, indeed. When I run "resolveip DOMAIN_NIGHTBOT_GIVES_ME" I get:

    resolveip: Unable to find hostid for 'DOMAIN_NIGHTBOT_GIVES_ME': host not found

    There seems to be something broken. Someone should contact digressive on twitter.
  • Question -- I'm newish to the server and have been trying to find the facebook page to no luck it is sundrycraft yes?
  • I subscribed a long time ago but the !ip thing still doesn't seem to be working. How can I get the domain name?
  • where do I get the server IP from ?
  • Anyone able to help me find the zip files i'm suppose to add to the geek and sundry mod in FTB? I downloaded the two needed folders but can't find the proper file to add in FTB. 
  • I know this thread is a bit old...
    Which minecraft version do we need to select in FTB? 1.10 is the top, or do I just pick reccommended?
  • Hi! Similar problem.  I just subscribed, but I don't know where to get the IP address from.
  • Just subscribed on Twitch, is the Minecraft server still running? If so I would like to join.
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