[Sub-Only] Minecraft Server - Maps, Who's Where, Places of Interest?

Hi all,

Soo thanks to Jess & Stef I've started playing Minecraft after not having played since.. well when it first came out. I've claimed a nice bit of land on our server with a fantastic view and there's lots of cool looking items there and awesome player houses. I am proposing a couple things:

1. I know there are some maps in game, but what if we posted a version of it here with labels on where people's houses are and other POI's?
2. Minecraft thread/category with screenshots?  Extra MC hype = potentially more subs!


  • This sounds like a good plan to me. Btw, how do Twitch subs, like myself, gain access to the G&S server? I've tried asking in Twitch chat and sending messages to mods, to no avail. I'm looking to play more MC, and I'd like to do it with other like-minded adults.
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  • @MisterAngstrom Did you ever get the IP for the server? 

    Also, there is a creative challenge this week! In a 41x41 plot, build a scene from your fav sci-fi/fantasy IP! 
  • Yes. All set now. Thanks!
    Sometimes science is more art than science, Morty. A lot of people don't get that.
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    [Update: Zac & Kiki let me know that I needed to message geekandsundry on Twitch to get the minecraft info. Done.]

    I subscribed to Geek & Sundry’s Twitch Channel. How do I go about getting the minecraft server IP address?

  • I too have subscribed, and have asked this in chat on the Twitch channel, but have never been given the IP.
  • panzipanzi Member
    @magistus If you're a subscriber, just enter !ip in the twitch chat. Nightbot gives you then the details. The "IP" is now actually a domain name.
  • so I used to be able to connect to the minecraft server. However, now that it's changed to a domain name, the one that the !ip  command has nightbot give me minecraft refuses to resolve the host. :( I copied and pasted directly from the chat and made sure there were no spaces. It just refuses to resolve. :( any help from anyone?  Other Minecraft servers resolve, but this one doesn't. I've had this issue before with other servers, and I needed to go by actual IP or have a port number. :/
  • Hmm, indeed. When I run "resolveip DOMAIN_NIGHTBOT_GIVES_ME" I get:

    resolveip: Unable to find hostid for 'DOMAIN_NIGHTBOT_GIVES_ME': host not found

    There seems to be something broken. Someone should contact digressive on twitter.
  • Question -- I'm newish to the server and have been trying to find the facebook page to no luck it is sundrycraft yes?
  • I subscribed a long time ago but the !ip thing still doesn't seem to be working. How can I get the domain name?
  • where do I get the server IP from ?
  • Anyone able to help me find the zip files i'm suppose to add to the geek and sundry mod in FTB? I downloaded the two needed folders but can't find the proper file to add in FTB. 
  • I know this thread is a bit old...
    Which minecraft version do we need to select in FTB? 1.10 is the top, or do I just pick reccommended?
  • Hi! Similar problem.  I just subscribed, but I don't know where to get the IP address from.
  • Just subscribed on Twitch, is the Minecraft server still running? If so I would like to join.
  • ZuffyZuffy Member, Moderator
    No one from G&S reads these forums anymore, the few remaining user-mods (including myself) do not have current information because no one tells us anything anymore. So unless another member who plays on the server gives you the info it's highly unlikely you'll get an answer on this forum. Sorry. :(
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