Comics that are similar thematically to Warren Ellis' newuniversal/Transmetropolitan/Supergod?

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Complete newbie here, both to this site and to comics. :)

A couple of years ago I got hooked on the newuniversal series of comics by Warren Ellis, and have since discovered a couple of his other works (Transmetropolitan and Supergod). The themes that he plays with are really resonating with me. Newuniversal in particular (maybe because it was the first of his that I read) really drew me in with the cosmic scale of its story, and I was saddened to hear that the series was never really pursued to full fruition. And Supergod was just awesome. Not much of a deep story, but again, the concepts he plays with drew some very vivid imagery in my head.

Anyway, I'm looking for suggestions for comics with similar themes as newuniversal and Supergod. Any help would be great!

I'm also on a bit of a cyberpunk kick, which is why I picked up Transmetropolitan a few months ago and blitzed through it. Any recommendations for that genre would be appreciated, as well!


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    Welcome to the community, @Locke42!

    Unfortunately, I am not much help on comics in the genres you are seeking, but I'm a huge P.K. Dick fan and will be checking out that Transmetropolitan series you mentioned.
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  • Transmet is brilliant - and even though it was written about 10 or so years ago, the political relevance to today's society (US or otherwise) is still highly relevant. If only journalism was truly the bastion of truth that Spider Jerusalem wants it to be...

    I haven't read Newuniversal or Supergod but might have to do so...

    Other Ellis comics worth a shot include Freakangels (available online for free, and in print), Global Frequency, and Nextwave (it's cheesy)

    Stuff that's kind of cosmic universe - well, there's Guardians of the Galaxy although I've not read the comics, so I don't know how similar it would be... I'm currently reading Brian K. Vaughan's Saga which is set on a cosmic scale with dozens of weird races and it's a story of family stuck in the struggles of a galactic war - lots of great characters, very adult, full of humour too.
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