The semi official Felicia and Ryon Twitch stream emote suggestion thread!

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Felicia and Ryon really need awesome emotes for their twitch channels!

Get to it hoomans!!

Zuffy here, just editing in the emote suggestions for so far.

Felicia's Chosen Emotes  (all ten: five from the pixel artist and five from the community)
(thanks to @torontogal for making the above image, even if it is just a screen-cap. :P )

image image image image image image image image image image image image image image image image image image image image image image image image  image

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image  image  image


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  • I feel like they should do faces... Kappa.
  • Oh sorry zuffy!  I'm new to the GnC community!
  • Cubby! BYE! Codex Staff! Boxy! Hooman!
  • There needs a response emote to " How am I so good?"  emote

    A picture of Felicia being incredulous.  As if to say " No, you are not so good"
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    Pooping position
    "Go forth and screw up!" -New Vlogger Army


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    Great thread, gang!  If I can find the time, I may play around with actually creating an emote to see what the process is like.  Sounds like they need to be rather small, and square shaped.  Suggestions in the meantime, though:

    Felicia's channel:
    • The Guild character faces from the opening animation sequence.  Because we totally need a Vork head for when the game bugs out :)
    • A 'Boom!' emote - Felicia says it all the time, and it's a cute catch-phrase. Bonus points if the 'Boom' is surrounded by an explosion graphic :)
    • A Cubby face.
    • The orb from Codex's staff.
    • The 8-Bit Felicia from the Cooptitude opening.
    • Felicia's face from that 'Rage Wolf' meme she put together during the Subscriber Drive :)

    Ryon's channel:

    • A glass of scotch.
    • A box (in honor of Boxy).
    • The 8-Bit Ryon from the Cooptitude opening.
    • A 'Dude' emote (one of Ryon's fave words whilst streaming)
    • Protein Powder

    I'll add to the list as I think of more :)

    @BillHicks5041 - thanks for creating this thread!

  • The G&S logo
    Penny (Dr Horrible)
    Dr Horrible
    Ryon's catch phrases
    The pic where ryon is lifting weights on leg day he has used in a few of his ratings
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    Looks like they need to be 28x28, and are uploaded to Twitch from within her (or his) dashboard. Put a few together, just based on good pictures I could find that would work well downsized.  You really want an almost cartoony emote for any face-based images, or the expression gets too muddled at 28x28.

    Ryon as Ash: image
    Felicia rocking the short 'do: image
    Geek & Sundry logo, SDCC G&S Lounge colors (clearest color version for 28x28): image

    Jeff Lewis as Vork: image

    Codex's Staff Head: image
    8-bit Felicia: image
    8-bit Ryon: image

  • Ohh purple is cute!
  • DelvanDelvan Member
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    Ooh, yeah that looks great in purple Zuffy!

    I made a few more based on the suggestions above:

    Felicia's "Rage Wolf" Face: image
    Ryon's deadlift used in a few Co-optitude ratings:image
    Cubby!: image
    Boxy's Box: image

    Glass of scotch (I went with neat mainly to keep it simple enough to be well defined at 28x28): image
    (Edited to add: That scotch icon is based on a non-G&S sourced image of a glass of scotch. If the subscription nature on Twitch means derivative images need to be G&S owned or in the public domain, I also made this one that started from a public domain image: image)

    And lastly...pooping position : image

  • DelvanDelvan Member
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    There's probably a better way to do this, but if it helps, here's what my process has been, using GIMP 2 (free open-source alternative to Photoshop):

    1) Used a fixed-aspect 1:1 ratio box selection to crop the source image, using as small a box as I can manage and still include all parts of the image I intend to keep. 

    2) Mixture of free select tool or fuzzy select tool to delete everything but the thing in the image I want to keep. Ctrl-I (invert selection) is handy here if you're using GIMP. Pay special attention to curvature at the top of the head and the chin, don't crop too straight/angly at these areas or it'll look cropped (see the top of Vork's head and the bottom of Felicia's chin in my first post, I should have kept more curvature there than I did, as they look a bit flat now that they're 28x28 images)

    3) Eye-dropper + round brush to fill in things the original source image already had cropped out or had covered up with text e.g. Felicia's chin the Rage Wolf meme had text over it. I deleted the text, then just brushed in a basic chin of about the right skin color. If you have to make the canvas larger or smaller at this point, pay special attention to making sure it is still a 1:1 aspect ratio (square, not rectangular).

    4) Scale the image to 28x28, I've been happiest using cubic interpolation. Linear may work better if you're keeping text.

    5) Use the Dodge/Burn tool: Dodge for highlights, Burn for midtones or shadows.  Whole passes (brush size as big as the whole image) can help make the image stand out better. Dodge/Burn with a 1 pixel brush over eyebrows, eyes, mouths to increase the contrast for these regions.  I also used Dodge/Burn over the the edges of the Boxy box with a 1 pixel brush to get them to stand out from the sides of said box and make clear it's a box, not a flat hexagon #Boxy #box

    6) Use 100% zoom to decide if you're happy with your result, it will look like crap zoomed in full-screen, our brains fill in details that aren't really there when the icon is small, and that's how it'll look in Twitch chat.

    7) When you export them as an image to post here or for future Twitch use, I prefer PNG since its lossless and supports transparency. The transparency is vital to having image edges that appear more detailed to the human eye than they really are up-close.
  • torontogaltorontogal Member, Moderator
    @Zuffy - I like the purple as well!

    @Delvan - great work! I love that you managed to isolate the Ryon dead-lift photo, and the pooping position is hilarious!

    Thanks also for the handy tips and tricks!

    I'm no PhotoShop editor by any means, but here's my first silly little experiment - Codex-Head from The Guild opening animation:  image
  • I think there needs to be an emote with an anguished face wearing headphones (maybe ears bleeding?) for when Felicia screams...and then a Felicia "I'm sorry!" emote for when she realizes she just deafened some poor soul.
  • @Zuffy I agree, here's a version with a bit more contrast to bring out more perceived detail, its a trade off between the right color tone & the right level of contrast for detail. (side-by-side with prior version for comparison's sake)imageimage.  

    I tried making the details more extreme before interpolating and ended up with a version that demanded I add demonic pupils and an intentionally pixelated feel. image 

    And yeah, I recall reading .png being a requirement as well, but I didn't remember where I saw that at either and PNG is already my preferred format for images of this size anyways.  (Shame we can't just test them on our own twitch pages as only partners get access to an emote upload area in their dashboard.) The answer in Twitch's official support is basically "If you're a partner, read the upload page for info" instead of actually answering outright what the formatting is.

    @torontogal Thanks! It was really hard getting Ryon's deadlift to stand out from a white (here) or grey (Twitch chat) background since the original had a lot of bring sheen on his left side, and its a lot more image (full body) to fit into 28x28.  Your Codex looks great!

    @cotty75: I like it. If someone wants to volunteer their best anguished headphone-wearing face at a normal resolution to start from, I could take a stab at it.
  • Here are 4 that I can think off the top of my head right now. 

    1) Sad Cubby Face/Eyes Emote

    2) Wiff emote  (for those many times when a shot is missed)

    3) I'm so mad emote!!

    4) Sorry emote
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    @cotty75 and @Yakumo_FuJii - welcome to the forums and thanks for the suggestions!

    @Zuffy - great job!  I'd go with 'Sad Cubby 1' as apparently it's a Twitch emote best practice to try not to have squared corners in the end result (or at least that's what this dude says, lol).
  • torontogaltorontogal Member, Moderator
    @Delvan - great job on the extra-angry version of the Felicia emote, lol.  The teeth, and the red-eyes certainly add to the rage effect!
  • @torontogal Yeah, thought it'd fit well under the "I am so angry right now!" idea, glad you like it!

    @Zuffy I like Sad Cubby 1 the most of the two, its great! There's room in the blank space on that one to add some cartoonish blue tears, perhaps? Depending if you want to go all out on "Sad Cubby" vs. "Shy Cubby"
  • I like the tears, that is a very sad Cubby. Happy Cubby approves of these arts! image
  • Delvan,

    I recognize the deadlift picture from the Guts episode - truly a classic!  I also just installed GIMP so I can try my hand at this fun!

    Good job to all so far!
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