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  • this is funny, I like anything with Felicia and the words "my boobs" in it.  She posted it on the original "watchtheguild" channel
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    Thanks @Badcat303 for posting the link on the boards :)

    For those who haven't seen it, over in that video, Felicia was trying to let the subscribers from the original WatchTheGuild channel know that the new season is now on Geek and Sundry.

    I saw the video earlier in the week, but was a little surprised at some of the negativity being directed towards Geek and Sundry, within the comments section.  I understand that some folks are frustrated by the lack of control that the YouTube subscription system offers...

    But even so, myself and a few other posters have been in there trying to help people understand why the birth of Geek and Sundry was important for Felicia's content creation (i.e., the funding it provided) as well as helping explain why subscribing is an important piece of the puzzle.

    Hopefully, when all is said and done, there'll be at least some abstainers who take the plunge and join us in the Geek and Sundry world :)
  • Torontogal, yeah, I find it hard to believe anyone would quit watching The Guild just because it's on Geek&Sundry,  The new season hasn't even started yet, give it time, even if a very very few actually stop watching, hundreds of thousands of people will continue enjoying the show, It's their loss, I love the Guild, and love Felicia,  I really didn't want to continue the controversy on this thread, I just thought any video with our favorite little green eyed red head in it is worth watching.  OOOOOOOO RED: WEREWOLF HUNTER on SyFy now ftw

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    People just want something to complain was bound to happen. Geek and Sundry was the next logical step...and its made Felicia Day bigger then ever. let the haters hate and we can enjoy The Guild Season 6 October 2nd!....shameless plug right? yeah? see what I did there? *insert photo of felicia with a double thumbs up*


    and in the unlikely event it goes under at least Wheaton got to work right? o.O

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  • Bah, it's just trolling.  Most of them will sub.  The internet breeds curmudgeons.  In real life, things won't go well if you get a pebble stuck in the treads of your sneakers and you rain a hurricane of tears in public.  But on the internet, if you have to click on a new channel to subscribe to your show ...HWO CUOLD U OOOooOoMG!!!!!!! </3 X.X

    This phenomenon occurs in online gaming all the time.  If you listen to general chat, 50% of the userbase hates the game and is quitting for good today and the devs are total crap and what a waste of time.  Next day, same players, same convo. 

    My immediate family meets up at my aunt's house about once a month to eat together.  My sister wants to watch Fox news, My aunt wants the hallmark channel and I usually want football.  We agreed on SyFy.  Red: Werewolf Hunter did not disappoint!

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    @Nospoon-- @FeliciaDay saved your family harmony? How awesome!
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  • Being late to the party I've only known things through Geek & Sundry.  My only issue is that I do not see how to "like" the videos while watching on the Geek & Sundry site.  I've subscribed, but I don't see the YouTube Thumbs up for the individual videos.  I've shared a couple that I've really liked on Facebook and G+.  

    Oh -  I guess that's a slight thread highjack....

    Sorry, but appreciate help with my question

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  • cancer, watch it on youtube, the thumbs up should be just under the video window
  • Yes, click the YouTube logo and you can go to the episode on YouTube.
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  • I read the youtube comments as well and without starting a fight here I just wanna say - I can see where they're coming from. For me GeekandSundry is not a problem because I do watch most of the content so I'm happily subscribed. With other channels where I watch one specific show or just wanna see specific videos I just don't subscribe and have to enter every once in a while\follow on twitter for updates\follow on facebook which is not trust worthy but hmm that's what I have. 
    It's not perfect right now - being subscribed and I can understand the frustration. 
    With that being said - I don't go hating in the comments and I solve my problem my own way. If I for example were to refuse to subscribe to geek and sundry I would just check every week manually and watch the episodes. 
    In my opinion it's a youtube problem and not geek and sundry's but they have to deal with it if at the end of the day they want to keep those followers. From what I've seen done on youtube they are trying - Felicia added season 5 and the production diaries playlists to 'watchtheguild' channel. 
    It's not a perfect solution because subscribers that only view uploads on their youtube feed would miss it but at least it's available to them on they channel they'e subscribed to and the view counts still goes to geek and sundry. 

    For the video itself - omg it was so funny. :D 

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    @Ayelet - no worries - as you said, the YouTube subscription service doesn't provide a lot of flexibility in terms of content-control, so I can understand why some people have frustration with that aspect of things.  And there are folks who politely explained that within the comments, and that's understandable :)

    I guess the part that I found somewhat disheartening were the earliest wave of comments where people took it farther and started referring to G&S content as 'spam', 'crap', 'junk', whilst making exaggerated statements such as 'nobody likes it'.

    Given how much work the G&S team puts into their videos, it's a bit of a downer seeing their stuff get dismissed/bashed.  As you said in your post, frustration with YouTube subscriptions doesn't necessarily mean that hateful comments are needed. 

    That said, those commentors have a right to their opinion - but I guess that's always been an area of internet commentary that I can't quite relate to.  i.e., I can relate to people that are passionately positive - but I'm always a bit puzzled when people take joy in being exaggeratedly negative.  Oh well - different strokes for different folks, I guess :)

    Long story short, is I can see why some people desire more flexibility in their YouTube subscriptions - but as I tried to point out over in the comments, hopefully audience members also realize that Subscribing is a way of thanking Felicia, and a way of helping secure a second season of G&S!

    For me at least, any mild frustration I have with YouTube subscriptions are pretty tiny compared to the huge enjoyment I get from G&S content.  Hopefully, there'll be some folks who see that video, feel the same, and choose to Subscribe!
  • @Ayelet exactly! I just hate it when I "cannot" subscribe to a channel because of not having the option to filter out its videos. I did it for G&S and just click through those I don' want to watch, but it's really stupid that YouTube is so badly done in this area.
  • @torantogal - I'm sure a lot of people subscribed after watching that video, probably some of the haters did it as well, because their rage is coming from that place where they are so passionate about the show and truly wants to follow it but just don't want the rest of the content. 
    With regards to dismissing everything GnS people do, well yeah, that's always gonna happen, wouldn't take that seriously since those claims have no basis. 
    And doing it for Felicia - I get that but I mean we know not everyone feels like they have to help her specifically or feel responsible for maintaining her success, not everyone cares about things outside of watching The Guild episodes, it's just like watching a TV show for them, nothing on their side is required. 

    Anyway, yeah we're all in agreement it's youtube's fault. :D 
    There are always gonna be haters, unfortunately... and the bigger Felicia and GnS gets the more haters you get. 
    I'm still gonna make a guess that GnS is gonna get a second year and probably more shows, they're pretty successful and constantly working on bettering (is that a word??) themselves. 

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