Spellslingers S02 EP05 Day[9] Vs Joshua Ovenshire

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Special props to the editing crew on this one. Everything seemed set against Sean from the "random" wheel spin-age onwards, and yet just as it looked as though we were set to see our first one sided game of the season, the amazing comeback began. Though I do have a few doubts about the power balance of the Leviathan - looks very much like a boom or bust card. Your opponent either has a counter and you basically waste a turn playing it, or they don't and you win the game. Hmm... :-/

Looking forwards to the final show, and seeing if Sean can finish the season with a ridiculously impressive 5-1 record. Given his current form, its probably just as well Wil never appeared on the show, the whole thing might be over on the first turn :-)

PS: I know what your all thinking. There were no Merfolk this time out. But to that I say Pshaw. Do you honestly believe Murk Lurker Plott's mother was a human? 

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