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After watching the latest episode with Luis Scott-Vargas, in which the decks and mechanics become a bit more involved, and we hear more about "advanced" Magic jargon (don't get me wrong, I think this is great), it may be great to start introducing more formats of play.

For example, it would be great to see some Sealed format in play, in which Sean and a guest build their decks before playing them (maybe a two-episode special), so that we can see that aspect of Magic as well.

Drafting would also be excellent, but it may be harder to get eight players (or four at least, for two-round drafts) into the show format.

Anyway, just a thought on how the show may evolve, showcasing more aspects of Magic, and play formats.
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  • I would love to see commander play, especially with 2014 commanders just coming out not that long ago
  • Commander would be great. My favourite idea that they could do is have 5 epiosodes, and then for the 6th, give Day[9] and each of his guests one of the new Commander decks and have a big 6 player extravaganza.

    I think that would be terrific in every conceivable way. :)
  • Commander would be great 1v1 or multiplay
  • I don't disagree with this threads idea, but I do think that there are a ton of videos and shows on YouTube showing Magic the Gathering in all its deep and intensive glory.  The main reason I LOVE this show is because its precisely the opposite of the in depth deck building, jargon slinging fare.  Its just a basic easy going game with reasonably well matched decks.  I think its a great introduction to a game that is (IMO anyway) an incredibly intimidating proposition.  Star City Games already does what is proposed earlier anyway.

    Spellslingers is a very fun and easy going show, and I hope they don't change a thing!!!
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