Spellslingers S02 EP04 Day[9] Vs Luis Scott-Vargas

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Ah the pro player finally arrives, time to see how much skill really matters in magic :-P

Gotta say when I knew a pro was coming, I did have some concerns with the potential complexity of the forthcoming game. But rather than avoid the problem G&S chose to embrace it head on, and for the most part succeeded. Admittedly there where one or two moments where I had to double check things/card text, but both Sean and Luis were excellent at explaining the concepts to a non-magic player (though admittedly one who knows a lot of the genre's terminology from elsewhere), and once again I found myself enthralled in another fantastically close game.

I know I've mentioned this before (last ep I think), but whoever's responsible for the games being so competitive this time around, bravo my friend, bravo! Also bonus points to whoever decided to add the mana counter in post :-)

Before I go there is one thing, I would like to ask the magic geniuses in the audience - I knew Top Decking & Chump Blocking even before they explained them, but what's Time Walking?

PS: Merfolk twins! The curse of the Cox continues!

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  • This was posted and asked a while ago but just in case you didn't find out what the term time walking is, here it goes...
    There was this super awesome magic card called Time Walk in the Alpha/Beta set of Magic. It was 1 and a blue to take an extra turn. Essentially, when someone gets "Time Walked" by the opponent it usually means that during your turn your opponent countered or responded to something that essentially makes your turn an irrelevant waste of a turn. Almost like they got an extra turn.

    Example: Turn 4 you tap out to play a big beater or something similar and your opponent responds with a counterspell. You just used all your mana to play one thing that didn't even resolve so your board state didn't change at all. It feels like you didn't even take the turn.
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    Awesome. Thanks @TheDarksyde it may have been a while ago, but I never did find out, and it may have some relevance when we finally get Spellslingers season 3. (Fingers crossed)

    That explanation makes an awful lot of sense, and it sounds like you've been magic-ing for a long time.

    Oh and PS, welcome to the G&S forums. :-)

    Love The Guild and/or Choose Your Own Adventure Novels? Then make sure to check out The Trials of Codex.

  • Thank you very much! I actually started collecting magic cards since I was like 8 years old because I told my grandfather they looked cool. I didn't start actually going to tournaments and playing until I was starting High School. 
    Best of luck on season 3! Look up the Commander format and the brand new Tiny Leaders format. I think those will be really awesome formats to showcase.
  • We NEED more episodes with these high level matches! (I also love the stronger decks.)
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