Spellslingers S02 EP03 Day[9] Vs Allie Brosh

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And yet another fantastic episode! I don't know if its blind luck, better deck crafting (go Gavin), or they're airing one of multiple games, but every episode so far has been a riveting clash between two slingers of spells.

Sadly this episode has also left me with something of a conundrum. Felicia hates white, so logically we should all hate white as well. But guys white has CatFolk. Catfolk! How cool, and underused by traditional fantasy novels is that! (Oddly video games use them quite a lot from Khajiit to Kilrathi, maybe its the delightfully furry visuals?)

Looking forwards to the next episode, and the now obligatory Merfolk reference.

PS: As all embedded videos are currently non-functional (possibly due to the ongoing maintenance), I'll just leave a hyperlink for now, and add it in later.

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  • I love this episode.  Allie is adorable and fun.  Sean is a goofball but very lovable too.
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