Favorite quotes from all seasons?

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What are some of your favorite quotes from the Guild?

I really love, 
"Greetings Guildies... Herman, call me Vork, I simply respond to it better"
"All your problems today have been solved by Tabz, a computer, and God."


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    One of my favorites definitely is "Cover yourself, woman!" by Vork in Season Two, when he shows up at Sid's house while she tries to hit on the stunt guy with "More cleavage!" - which is another great line, btw. ;-)

    Most of the dialogues between Vork and Sid when it's just the two of them are truly great. Sid often seems to suddenly realize that she is not the most defective person there anymore and it's always great to watch when she then tries to adapt to this unknown situation.
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    I think this thread is one of those 'great minds think alike' moments as I believe that @Scarlett created a similar thread a few months back, which has some cool replies within it as well :)

    Maybe we can merge the two threads? - it's certainly a great topic!

    Felicia has such a knack for dialogue and as such there are a huge amount of quotable lines - I may have already said it over in the other thread, but I've got a huge fondness for Vork's monologues - I always die laughing, during those :)

  • I really should search for things!
    "All your problems today have been solved by Tabz, a computer, and God."
  • Kevinator: "this place cost half a milliion Gs? it looks like a sodomy cell"
  • Cyd: "I'm gonna run around the house naked........ 17 seconds personal best"
  • OakspoorOakspoor Member, Moderator
    Clara: "You're like my sister from another brother-in-law."
    "but, masters, remember that I am an ass; though it be not written down, yet forget not that I am an ass" W.S.
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  • Bruiser - "I just banged your mom"
  • "I just cre-healed the mutha-fuka out a you! 7-K! I am so hard right now! ... ZOW!! 

    That and, "Did he just touch your breast? You're letting people do that now... Whoa, high five."
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    Let's bring things right up to date - from S6 I love "Hang it up, has-meme". :)
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  • I like:

    Amita: Hey

    Charlie: Hey.

    Amita: I was thinking about you last night.

    Charlie: Is that right?

    Amita: I was preparing a lecture...

    That was preety good.

  • When Clara blurted out "Whoa! Achievement Unlocked!" to Codex's liaison with Fawkes ... I spit almonds all over my work station.

    Cheese Gouging monologue, from season 1 obviously.

    As well as boss fight, season 1.

    Codex/Zaboo kiss being described as like cardboard.. hilarious.

    "I guess my princess is in another castle."

    Many many more... I've been a die hard fan since I discovered this crap ... what 4 days ago?

  • Perhaps it's because I live in Fresno, but my favorite quote is in my signature. I couldn't stop laughing.

    "Why don't you try creating an imaginary world. It would probably be like Fresno or something!" -- Floyd Petrowski to Codex
    "Why don't you try creating an imaginary world. It would probably be like Fresno or something!" -- Floyd Petrowski to Codex

    "Fresno - At least it's not Bakersfield." -- Random t-shirt in bar

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  • I see many good quotes above.
    I also liked the "Take off my armor" followed by "I can be very forward when I'm drunk" lines.
  • My personal favor would be from season 1: Zaboo - "My only option is re-rolling."
  • "Women - can't live with them, they will not go out with me." - Vork
  • Oh, I forgot!
    "I'd like to in your endo." - Bladezz
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