Spellslingers S02 EP01 Day[9] Vs Greg Miller

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Sean's back, He's red and white, and he's funnier than ever.

I'll admit I was a little wary going into season 2, partially because of not knowing any of the guests this season (Greg was awesome FWI), and partially because as a non-magician I was wondering how much text support we'd get in year two (lots, not to mention a rookie player - yay!) But to the surprise of absolutely no-one the show was just as awesome as it was the first time round.

And what a way to start, now admittedly its possible the order was designed to give us a close game right off the bat, but whether it was or not, that was a thoroughly entertaining match. Sean managed to display his uncanny ability to be land-starved, top deck like a boss, and beat the inevitable troll comments all at once, and Greg proved that even a newbie can pull out some life altering combo's :-)

Looking forwards to the rest of the season 2 (& 3/4/5...), and seeing (SPOILER) if Sean can pull off a perfect 6-0 record this time out.

(Calling it now, unbeaten Day[9] is season 2, cos that's real likely to happen.) 

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  • HOORAY season 2 !!!  Still my favorite show next to The Guild.  I too know nothing of Greg Miller but their interactions were very humorous.  I now have to find ways to implement to word Rotatitude into my daily use.
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  • I don't play Magic, I've stayed away from it deliberately as I know it can be a terrible money sink (as evidenced by my girlfriend's MTG purchases, and she's not even that much of an addict to the game).

    But this show is so entertaining and I can see how the game could be exciting and fun. Having seen the previews for this season, I don't think I know any of the guests except Allie Brosh (and that's only via her blog & book, not via any actual video appearances), but I think it's still going to be a wonderfully entertaining season.
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