Arcade Arms 3 - Behind the Scenes: Hero's Bow

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May as well complete the set (if a little late) with the final(?) behind the scenes video for Arcade Arms season 1. And once again I have to say I might have preferred the BTS to the actual episode. Whilst I enjoy both of them, the BTS's seem a little less, dare I say it, casual :-P  Though I do have to admit the moment they started talking about the bowyer's background I immediately pictured Ellie :-)

Overall, whilst there's no question that the show, and its format/style have received a mixed reaction from the folks here on the forums. No one can doubt that the premise of the show brims with potential, and with some retooling I don't see any reason why it shouldn't go on to become a G&S staple. That's assuming of course we don't get more episodes in season 1 (shrugs).

PS: Given that we know now how bad Nika is at the "snow thing" isn't it even crueler that all the episodes have been filmed in the frigid North so far?

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  • I agree with you on preferring the behind the scenes episodes. They feel more natural to me. While I still enjoyed the normal episodes they felt a little too obviously scripted / forced.
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