Comic Suggestions for 11.5-yr-old daughter?

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My oldest daughter recently discovered super heroes and comic books..  She's always enjoyed scifi and fantasy books (recently reading through the Percy Jackson series), but never wanted to give super heroes a try. 

We recently watched the Avengers (and all of the lead-ups), the older Spider-Man movies, the X-men movies,etc..  And she's hooked.  I let her read through some of my comics from when I was a kid, and she wants more  :)

What comics would anyone recommend?  Looking for age-appropriate with strong female characters..  I'd love to stick with anthologies, now, that I could order from Amazon because she's going to tear through them pretty quickly.  Currenty, she's fascinated by She-Hulk, but I've heard mixed things about how she's been handled in comics over the years (not to mention the recent Sl#t-Hulk garbage...)  Thoughts on where to start there?

Thanx, all!  I haven't been a comic book reader since my teens (and then it was mostly Spider-Man), so...  Any/all help is greatly appreciated!  :D


P.S. I'm hoping my 9 and 3-yr-old daughters eventually enjoy similar stuff...  I honestly never guessed my oldest would be the first to embrace her inner geek  :)


  • Gues I don't know too much about it, but seems good to avoid the kind of female super heroes that are strongly objectified. Like Power Girl and Wonder Woman. At least at her current age there might be better rolemodels.

    She might like the 90's x-men cartoons too, plenty of good female roles there and they are just as much part of the action as the guys. Jubilee and Jean seem to often need saving but they do have their moments at times. Rogue is awesome and storm always seemed to be the wisest of them after Proffesor X, very powerfull too.

    After watching the movies, a better portrayal of Storm might be good to see. the movie version is just... so incredibly wrong.

    So I'd suggest x-men comics too. Think I only read one or two but there seem to be a lot of great female characters here and with there being multible, she'd get to kind of choose a favorite as she reads instead of focusing on a single one to be a rolemodel.

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    Definitely staying away from Power Girl.  Wonder Woman, like She-Hulk, appears to have had her ups and downs..  I've never been much into DC comics, though, so...

    Team comics might be a good idea.  Obviously don't mind strong male characters, but would like some diversity.  She 'discovered' She-Hulk on her own (looking through old comic cards and reading about super heroes online and such), so that tells you a lot about what she's looking for...

    You're right, though..  The X-Men might be a good fit...  Any other suggestions?
  • Right now there is a excelent comicbook about a young girl that becomes the new Ms. Marvel, you and your daughter should try it... but if you want to show her some comics appart the super-hero line you should check you clock... BECAUSE IT'S ADVENTURE TIME!!!!
  • I'll definitely check into the new Ms. Marvel..  Not so sure about Adventure Time.......  :)
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