Arcade Arms Request - The greatest video game weapon design of all time!

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Nostalgia Some background:
There is one physical weapon in gaming that has captivated me since I first lay eyes upon it years ago. I spent weeks of farming, trading, and grinding in order to obtain what was, at the time, not only the most aesthetically pleasing weapon I had ever seen, but one of the best flesh rending melee weapons available for arms warriors in World of Warcraft. We are talking WoW that was so "vanilla" that only one 40 man raid existed. Back when Ragnaros was truly the "last boss" in WoW PvE progression. True, there were weapons more powerful than the prize I sought with such zeal; but, an RPG isn't always just about the pursuit of numbers. For me, pure attributes will always play second fiddle to art, history, and story.

The weapon as I see it (in game):
In the land of Azeroth, deep within the volcanic lair of Ragnaros, there lay hidden plans for an axe that strikes dread into all who behold it. An axe of such enormous magnitude that only the mightiest warriors of Azeroth and Kalimdor, along with the elite soldiers of the Burning Legion, are capable of wielding it. Those who command this axe do so with unyielding confidence, as they commit all of their might to each savage assault.

However, knowledge of such power never remains hidden forever. Once the champions of the Horde and the Alliance began their assault on the depths of Blackrock Mountain, both factions discovered the infernal designs for this most depraved instrument of war. Using arcane magic, the plans were rushed to the crafting halls of every capitol city in the world. This escalated the arms race between the Horde and the Alliance to new heights. Seeing the potential of this wicked axe, the mightiest warriors, shamans, and paladins scoured the world tirelessly for the materials needed in order to gain this savage superiority. A superiority that would only prove to intensify their lust for blood and glory.

Power worth having is never power that is easily obtained. This instrument of death could only be crafted by a master blacksmith whose craft was specialized in the creation of weapons. Only one material in both Azeroth and Kalimdor was capable of holding the razor-sharp edge, Arcanite. This rare metal is transmuted by master alchemists from thorium and crystals of pure arcane energy. An axe designed for 10 foot tall demon soldiers is going to be massive, and thus each reaper required more metal than a suit of full-plate armor. An axe of pure cruelty and bloodshed, not to mention enormous weight, can only be bound together by the most rugged leathers of Kalimdor, which have further been reinforced with the pure essence of the eternal plane by an enchanter whose craft holds no more secrets.

A video game weapon can be is art:
The Arcanite Reaper is born. From an epic journey as lost knowledge hidden deep within the depths of a sinister volcano, to the quest for an enormous amount of rare materials, and finally through the craftsmanship of only the most skilled weapon smiths. The world of Kalimdor and Azeroth were forever changed by this iconic instrument of carnage. Wielded by only the most dedicated and seasoned heroes of old, this axe is more than just stat bonuses and a damage range. It is aesthetically one of the most beautiful and instantly recognizable weapons in gaming. It does what all great should do, it creates an emotion in everyone who observes it. It brings veteran players back to a time and a place, evoking memories that are forever tied to a part of their life that they were passionate about. In some, the axe is tied with the pride of having worked hard and obtained a goal. Perhaps a moment of glory will be felt, as they remember a particularly satisfying player versus player combat moment involving the quick death of a gnome. Others will undoubtedly be taken back to a moment of panic and fear as another player winds up to deliver a slow but incredibly devastating blow. Aside from the personal attachments many players will have with the weapon, there is no denying that the design of the Arcanite Reaper represents everything that is the Warcraft setting in one wickedly cool axe.
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