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Backers' Anonymous

jfunkjfunk Member
edited August 2014 in TableTop
*sigh* Because of great games like Cards Against Humanity and Get Bit, I've found myself to be a bit of a Kickstarter addict.  I love the idea of getting "the next great game"...  Recent games like 'DungeonCraft" and "Salmon Run" and others are going to bankrupt me if I'm not careful...  Feels like I'm checking the Board & Card Games section every day to see what's new...

I can't be the only one...  Am I?  Anyone have any current favorites?  I'm following quite a few right now, including a new deluxe addition of Get Bit, a modular many v. 1 game called DungeonCraft, and what feels like Donkey Kong in board game form - Jungle Ascent...  I'm mostly focused on family-friendly games, at this point...

Maybe I should try to find a support group...


  • yeah im addicted too. so i decided to step back myself. i was doing the same thing as you JFUNK. I suppport 6 games in the span of a month
  • I am currently backing Plague the Card Game and I have been keeping on eye on Mars Needs Mechanics.

    I'm not really interested in having tons and tons of games, but I admit there's something seductive about kickstarting a game and getting the "new hotness." One thing that keeps me from spending more on Kickstarter is that there are so many really great games out there already. Also, I find that buying an established game at one of my friendly local game stores is still often cheaper than kickstarting a new one and I still feel like I'm supporting the gaming community.

    However, I still tend to check in on Kickstarter regularly (and don't get me started about comics)
  • @JFUNK: Io! This is Phil Kilcrease of 5th Street Games. If'n you have any questions about Jungle Ascent, I'll be happy to answer them!

  • I wouldn't consider myself an addict but I do check it out every week or so to see what new board game offerings are available.  I have backed 3 games:

    Ogre from Steve Jackson Games

    Tammany Hall from Pandasaurus Games

    Flash Point Fire Rescue 2nd Story from Indie Boards and Cards

    As you can see I haven't backed any "new" games, but only reprints or expansions.  I have played a couple of new designs that were kickstarted and didn't really care for them...I wouldn't have liked them regardless of being kickstarted or not.

    Other games I considered backing but chose not to are:

    Ace of Aces Rotary Series
    Great Fire of London
    Ground Floor
    Glory to Rome

    Among others.
  • @Dsgilligan Have you received your copy of Tammany Hall yet? That game looks phenomenal. When it was being kickstarted I was just starting to organize game nights and was just trying to find people to play the games I had.
  • no,Tammany Hall has not been shipped yet, we should get it in November. Im thinking of donating for the new git bit project on kickstarter
  • The new Get Bit project is cool, but since I've already got the game, I'm glad they've added the 'Sharkspansion' backers level so we can just get that.  If they make their funding goals and we can get the extra 'squid' dice or whatever, I'll probably spring for that, too  :)
  • I'm new to this massive world of board games so I'm looking forward to
    getting it. It looks like a fun game to play. I didn't know existed, but
    I'm happy it does exist. I can't wait for all the game i supported to
    arrive (before thanksgiving) and share it with my family. I think they
    will as they enjoyed  the PnP version of Tahiti, we played 3 rounds of
    it after i printed it.
  • @mplsmatt Tammany Hall is a very good game.  A gaming buddy of mine owns the 2nd Stratamax edition of the game so I already knew it was a great game before I kickstarted this reprint from Pandasaurus Games.  As DM1884 says, the game hasn't shipped yet.  They did get in 20 airfreighted copies of the game but those went out to reviewers.  So, my copy is on a boat from China.  Glad I was able to get this game as it was one I really wanted but before it was kickstarted it was totally out of reach with used copies going for outrageous sums (at least in my opinion.)
  • I am completely addicted to kickstarter! 

    So far I have backed the new Ogre reprint, Quicksilver the Great Airship Race, Numenera, and DrunkQuest (and the +5 Food of Eating Cookbook). I am always looking around. I wish I had backed Evil Baby Orphanage! 
  • I mentioned Tremulus on my gaming group's page and a couple of people showed interest. That was excuse enough for me to back the project. Honestly, it's been tugging at me since I first read about it. Maybe I am more of an kickstarter addict than I would like to admit :)
  • I too find myself constantly checking kickstarter! I've backed one game called Marauders: a game of discovery... It's a pirate game which seems pretty good... I'm also looking at Get Bit Deluxe and Jungle Ascent... The only annoying thing is the international shipping on some of these is stopping me from pledging :(
  • Check out Mr Cardgame.  Based of a browser PC game that is old school filled with geek humour!
  • @JFUNK I had read about Kickstarter but I only got around to visiting them through your link here. Awesome place, nearly as awesome as this one.
  • Ah shoot @jfunk , I hadn't considered feeding my addiction through kickstarter! This is a bittersweet thread!
  • If you're looking for what appears to be a good card game, the Boss Monster Kickstarter is going like crazy..  Only 3 days left:

    I was trying to cut back, but this one sucked me in.  *sigh*
  • Kickstarter is an amazing platform.  I check it constantly for new games and I try to tell people about it all the time.  
  • Hi everyone... a friend and I have recently launched a kickstarter project that is a board/TCG hybrid called 'Battle for Endemia' - a game set in the far future where players battle for the last resourceful planet in the galaxy. please check out our page and help us spread the word if youre interested. We have a little over 40 days to reach our goal... thx !!

  • You are not alone!! Since watching TableTop I watched my board game collection grow to silly levels!

    However, playing most of the games - like munchkin and gloom - are pretty much what inspired my to start up my new project on kickstarter too.

    I was planning on sending a copy to geek&sundry when it is finished and if we get the full funding. I hope you guys can check it out!

  • Hey Tamel_Eidek, I just backed your project :)

    We've actually put up a trading card game project on Kickstarter called Martial Arts: The Trading Card Game. It's a fast paced, quick to get into, yet deep to master card game using actual martial arts. We just got approved and posted it yesterday and would appreciate Geek and Sundry and fellow followers to help us promote this project.

    This is the first time people can play a martial arts game that isn't confusing, boring, or just plain silly; no more flying off walls or doing triple backflips in the air.

    Please give us your support or even suggestions here:

    Thank you so much in advance!

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