Arcade Arms 2- BTS Creating a FF Polearm

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And another BTS video for Arcade Arms, which I have to say I'm enjoying quite a lot. Oft-times a lot of the footage is additional content that would fit comfortably into the original episode as opposed to being outtakes and mistakes. Though on reflection I suppose a literal gag reel might end up being far to bloody to air.

It was also nice that we saw some of the target prep, its something you don't think about watching the show - or at least I don't - but it obviously took a great deal of time and effort. What I'm also assuming is that all the destruction stuff was filmed in LA rather than on location. Which makes me wonder exactly what was going through the courier's mind as they kept delivering all these massive weapons of destruction to the G&S address :-)

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  • I like how Brad was like "I've never been knocked out. But there was this one time I got shield punched and the next thing I knew I was looking up at the sky with no idea how I got on the ground." Not that I would ever question his toughness. I just thought that was funny.
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