It's been wonderful, and so are you - Leaving G&S

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I'm not really sure how to start this, so I guess the very first thing I can think of is a thank-you. 

Serving this community has been one of the most enriching, incredible experiences of my career - I am so thankful to have worked with a community so passionate in their love of my company, their hobbies, and bettering the world around them. It is with an extremely heavy heart that I resign from my position as Community and Social Media Manager at Geek & Sundry, because I'm going to miss this a lot. Not that I'm really going anywhere, because I am obsessed with this community and will definitely still be around. 

Thanks to the incredible mod team for it's dedication to bettering the site and channel, for always being around with updates and discussion, and for basically evangelizing this entire thing all over the internet. I always tell the team how lucky I am to have you, and I mean it. You're amazing! 

Of course, tons of love and appreciation goes to the team here at G&S - for the experience, camaraderie, and support both at work and in my personal life. We're a weird, awkward little family and I'm very happy to have been part of it. I've learned so very much, and I'll always be thankful for that. 

My last day is next Friday - then I'm off to the MoviePilot in Venice offices to head up their Superheroes division! Expect lots and lots of Really Cool Things there, especially for you comic lovers. I'll still be here, writing my comics column every week on the website - that'll hit every Tuesday, so I hope you'll stay tuned and support! You can, of course, find me on twitter at @ohcatrina, always!

Again, thank you from the top-to-bottom of my heart for all of your support, passion, and encouragement. This community is incredible and I hope you all know that. Thank you so much. 


  • Feels :(

    Best of luck Catrina, won't be the same without you.
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    That's disappointing for fans, but great news for you! I found and love Geek & Sundry, not only for the work that Wil and Felicia have done, but the amazing community and engagement that has been built on YouTube and Twitter. I am excited to see where it goes now that you are more independent without Google backing G&S. 

  • torontogaltorontogal Member, Moderator
    @OhCatrina - oh gosh, I have a lump in my throat right now :(

    I still remember sending you a PM last year, welcoming you into your new role - and right from that very first interaction, you've been such a warm, enthusiastic, kind-hearted person.  Whether it was coming up with ideas for forum-improvements, or having detailed discussions with the mod-squad, or participating in threads, or serving as the voice of G&S on all manner of social media, you have an amazing sense of charm and energy that shines through in everything you do :)

    G&S has had some great community managers (e.g., our dear @Tabz) - and I know it's not an easy job.  There's so much going on at once, and so many places to spread messages, and so many people to keep informed.  But through all of that, you did such a fantastic job of being an embedded member of the community.  Whether it was replying to tweets, or re-tweeting community messages, or replying to YouTube comments, or moderating LiveStreams, or working through the massive amount of stuff for TableTopDay and the S3 Fundraising campaign etc, you were always there within the community at ground level, with clever comments, warm camraderie, and lovely kindness!

    I'm really happy to hear you're trying new things, and I'm doubly glad that you'll still be hanging with the community when you get a chance - but speaking from the heart, I'm also really, really sad to see you go!  Thank you so much for your dedication, your open and active involvement, and your sense of inclusiveness and community.  You've been such an amazing voice for all the things I love about the G&S community! :)
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    There's not a whole lot I can say that hasn't already been said, but I personally think that you've done outstanding work for this company. It's no small task to manage a community, and yet somehow you've done it wonderfully. It'll be hard for anyone to fill your shoes, but I sincerely wish you the best in your future career and aspirations. I'll be sure to keep in touch via Twitter, and, again, congrats!
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    NOOoooooooo.....   Well I'm not even going to try and follow @TorontoGal's comments with my usual wall of text. So I'll just say good luck with everything you do, and make sure you visit as often as possible. The G&S forums are easily my favorite place in the entire world, and the simple truth is they won't be the same without you. Don't be a stranger.

    Oh and good luck with all your future endeavors. May your dragons fly free and soar as high as the sun.

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  • Without meaning to denigrate any of the work your predecessors did (because on the whole, they were great), but you are certainly the best and most involved Community manager G&S has had, @ohcatrina. I've been following the channel since its inception, and have spent most of that time on these forums as well, and it is significantly thanks to you that this community (on the forums) has grown and become a much more tight knit but welcoming family. Forming the Mod Squad, posting new videos to the forums, sparking discussions, reinvigorating the Steam group, and doing an awesome job on Twitter, Facebook and Google+ (and probably more), and getting G&S to support one of our forum members going through a rough time has all been thanks to you.

    The place won't be the same without you - so please stick around, and hopefully you're allowed to stay on the Mod Squad, if only as a community member like the rest of the mods. Best of luck at your new job (sounds fabulous!) and please do stick around!

    Dear G&S's next community & social media manager: please keep up @ohcatrina's good work - we at the forums (and the Mod Squad) will welcome you with open arms, and we will give you all the help you need, and hope that you too can ensure that this community stays strong and well connected to those in G&S's halls of power :D
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    Thank you very much and all the best for everything you choose to do.

    I'm glad we get to "keep you" as part of the community and interwebz friend. :-)
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    You wrote, "We're a weird, awkward little family and I'm very happy to have been part of it. I've learned so very much, and I'll always be thankful for that."

    You will ALWAYS be a part of this weird awkward little family.  You helped to shape and grow this family into what it is today.  Without you the people in this community wouldn't be the friends we are, have made the bonds we have, met the people we have, and shared the experiences we have with each other.  You went above and beyond just being a Community & Social Media Manager.  

    Good luck to you in all your endeavors.  

    PS - Have a BIG MUSHY LOVEY BEAR HUG from me for all that you've done.  Words just can't express the feels
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  • Heading up the Superheroes Division? Sounds about right. I hope you have an awesome time over at MoviePilot, since it appears to mesh superbly with your passion for comics.

    Your work here has been a delight, and is deeply appreciated by all the members who've been helped around the forums under your watch. It is very cool to see all the tributes coming in to this thread showing what an impact you've had.

    So long, and thanks for all the fish! :}
  • NOOOOOOOO!!!!!!

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  • Good luck; thanks for your help over the last 10mths but most importantly have loads of fun with your new super hero gig. I imagine it will be almost as good as G&S  :)
    Hope this move doesn't spell the end for the "oh no what have I done VLOGS"??
    catch ya
  • You've done a great job as far as I can tell, always very welcomeing and friendly.

    Please keep using your powers for good as you join the superheroes division, and keep us informed of how it goes there!

  • @ohcatrina as you move on to pastures new, I send you all the best wishes this geeky nerd knows...

    May the force be with you.
    May the odds be ever in your favour.
    Live long and prosper.
    Aim to misbehave!

    So say we all.
  • Jamc888Jamc888 Member, Moderator
    Noooooo D: This place will never be the same!

    I do really like the idea that you're leading a superhero division though, sounds perfect! :) Thank you so much for everything you've done here, and for being such an awesome person in general <3

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    @ohcatrina - I haven't been here as long as some of the others who have posted but I wanted to wish you well in your new endeavors.  It sounds like an amazing opportunity, even if it's sad to see you leave G&S!  I am so happy to hear you'll still be around, though, because you've been a warm, welcoming, and enthusiastic member of this community and I would be sorry if you left entirely!  Best of luck and don't be a stranger!!
  • There's a lot I could say @ohcatrina, but let me just sum up.
    1. You're awesome.
    2. You will be greatly missed.
    3. I can't wait to see what you accomplish next.

    Take care, and I will see you on the Inter-Google-Tubes!


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    @ohcatrina Thanks for being a wonderful community manager here and good luck over at MoviePilot!
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  • TriencoTrienco Member, Moderator
    Sad to see you go, yet relieved that you'll still be around. All the best for the new job and if those superheroes won't be nice, just send them here for some "corrective measures"...
  • OakspoorOakspoor Member, Moderator
    Oh NO!! We wore out another one!

    I hope Felicia hires a hobbit 'cuz you leave some really large shoes to fill.

    Stay Awesome, @ohcatrina.
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  • Don_DiegoDon_Diego Member, Moderator
    Everyone has nailed my thoughts so I'll just say that we thank you for all of your work and look forward to seeing you grow and prosper.
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