BTS Featurette with more smithin', blood, and ponies!

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    Looks like Nika and G&S really went beyond the wall for this one. I lived in Scotland for like 8 years, but that even looked cold to me. Of course by the looks of it every one involved in the show made sacrifices.

    I also have a sneaking suspicion that top heavy weapons may become a recurring theme. It seems to be a common design flaw among video game armaments.

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    @Alanalmeria: Not only top heavy but generally much heavier and bulkier then practical... they also tend to be very unergonomic and unwieldy in general, are really hard on the wielder's hands, have spikes in "funny" places, ... that's probably why they are in video games. ;-)

    I almost liked this BTS more then the real episode. It felt calmer, realer, less staged... probably because it was. :-D
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