Arcade Arms 1 - The Mace of Molag Bal

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Well that was a lot of fun. I'm also glad they gave it a decent runtime as I was initially concerned the episode might have trouble getting everything in without cutting corners.

As to the 3 main foci:

Lore - Interesting to learn, especially as a NPC. I'm also a little surprised that they choose to give a impact weapon the draining quality. Generally I would picture something that tends to impale people like a spear, or even a sword as a much more apropos drainer. Points for originality?

Crafting - Pretty much as I expected. It was nice to see then genuinely search out an expert, rather then simply settle for a local L.A. smith. Although I suspect the "world scouring search" was probably limited to NA in reality :-)      Next week Nika flies to Japan!!

Smashing - Deeply satisfying at times, and unsurprisingly the use of replay's really helped emphasize the carnage.

Overall - Excellent first episode, looking forwards to No 2.

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  • I'd have liked a bit more focus on the crafting part, but then I'm doing a PhD in the area of aerospace materials, so my views are probably not entirely representative ;). Still really enjoyed the show though and looking forward to the next episode.

    Regarding the 'not settling for a local L.A. smith' comment; given the need for movie props I wouldn't be at all surprised if a local L.A. smith turned out to be the expert when it comes to making weird weapons.
  • So I'm definitely looking forward to the next episode after the first. Nika Harper is a delightful choice for host, as her unabashed dorkiness allows for me, the viewer, to really just get into it. Either way, if anyone involved is reading this-- well done!
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  • Ah mace.. always a fine protection for women to have in their purse.

    Though any woman who is strong enough to carry THIS mace in her purse could likely ripp your arms off so wouldnt really need it.
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    A great episode, but agree I would like a LITTLE more on the actual manufacture.

    Thanks though!  I really enjoyed it :D

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