Unplugged Episode 5 - PAX East: Skullgirls in the Ring.

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So having watched this I feel really bad at my lack of knowledge now. The episode makes it come over as though I should recognize Skullgirls as a major franchise, but to be honest I've never even heard of it before. I'm going to assume its a combination of console restrictions, and the fact that it likely has an entirely different name in Spanish.

Overall this was a pretty interesting approach for an episode, and whilst I'm not convinced about the skill level involved in shoving people about an inflatable boxing ring, it had a fast pace throughout, and it looks like the G&S booth was popular. So yay for that!

Finally even though I knew there were multiple blogger cameos, the only one I spotted on my first run through was Nika. Thankfully a second watch spilt the remaining pair of beans :-)

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