Unplugged Episode 4 - Need for Speed

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Ah the racing episode as inevitable as the expected future FPS/shooting range episode. Nonetheless whilst it was a predictable source of show, it was still entertaining. Although I have to admit that I was far more concerned about the possibility of a crash whilst Ashley was driving, than I was during the entire racing car segment.

One thing I do think would help the show however, would be spending a little longer introducing/interacting with the contestants at the start. The LARP episode remains a standout for me partially because the LARPing looked spectacular, but also because I had Jesse to root for. When you don't know either of the contestants at all it becomes impossible to have a favorite, and I think that detracts from the show a little.

Though Its still fun to watch :-)

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  • I like the short format, it doesn't get too bogged down that way.

    And I do think they are making a little more. @Farkland hinted in her last vlog about Pax East that she might be appearing vs @MitchHutts in some sort of fighting game/real life style thing. That is, unless I misheard what she said and they were just emulating Unplugged rather than actually featuring...
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  • I rally like the show so far. the format is nice. Quality is good and Ashley Burch makes a great host. awesome show.
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