Google Hangout with Wil!

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Here's the hangout for everyone to watch!


  • Well, that was cool.  Thanks for the link, @ohcatrina!

    While it was awesome to have my question about owlbears answered, it was slightly tragic to discover that they are trademarked and most likely unavailable for official reproduction to support TableTop.  Let the black market Bearowl manufacturing process begin!  :}
  • Yay! Was a great hangout, lots of good questions answered - especially the "Why hasn't <insert celebrity here> appeared on the show?" - usually it's either a) they don't want to or b) scheduling issues. Good to know Wil will hopefully get some Star Trek TNG and Big Bang Theory cast to join him for S3, assuming they can work it out.
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  • Fiendish_ImpFiendish_Imp Member, Moderator
    Was such a fun hangout to watch. Definitely awesome when he answered my question about his thoughts on digital board games.
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  • I enjoyed this so much!  I was actually still at work when this aired live and I snuck online to watch a bit of it, ha.  I did go back and watch the whole thing after, though.  I love the live hangout type stuff - it feels so personal!
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