Unplugged Episode 3 - Farm Simulator

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Another fun episode, probably in no small part due to the nature of the guests. Though I can only assume Justine was using hacks to rake in that much money that fast. On the other hand it also strikes me that we have no idea how long they actually played for? Maybe it was a 24 hour marathon session :-)

Whilst admittedly much of the live action was simply filler, only the 23 seconds of chicken catching being relevant to the contest, It was pretty entertaining to watch nonetheless. Though once again I kind of wish Jesse was a regular guest, seeing him chase a chicken around would have been hysterical, if only for his increasingly suave attempts at enticing them into his grasp*  :-)

(*With a serenade perhaps?)

PS: Why not Goat Simulator?   The live action segment would be riveting.  

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  • I'm actually still quite amazed that there's a market for games like farm simulator.

    If people like em, thats just fine.. I gues theres people who play farmville or such too.. I just never got it though.
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    I don't get it either, @Rhalius. Of course, I come from a small town of family farmers and ranchers.
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