What did you do for Table Top Day?

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Hi everyone! I'd like to create a second facebook album (like our Table Top Day LA event album) with pictures of events from around the world, so I wanted to create this thread. :) 

Please share photos, stories, and memories from this year's Table Top Day here! <3 


  • Photos from my Tabletop Day (should be publically viewable): https://www.facebook.com/danny.sag/media_set?set=a.10152292521946558.1073741831.652481557&type=3

    @ohcatrina, you have my permission to copy them to a Geek & Sundry album if you like!
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  • Was the day before tabletop technically, but I introduced a good friend to Fortune and Glory, we usually only play videogames and watch movies together but looks like we are going to mix it up with board games as well from now on!

  • @ohcatrina - If you do go ahead and use @Molokov images can you please not use no. 56 if at all possible. Looks like I'm about to fall asleep, am kissing my hand or am half smozzled.  :)
    Not my most grandiose pose ever.
    Apart from that it was a great day. Like I mentioned in another thread, 10hrs of gaming is hard work especially when that includes learning many new games. 10/10 for your work on ITTD Molokov.
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  • Mine involved a table, four people, a large amount of alcohol (including a new cocktail - I say cocktail, basically it was cream soda with a dash of pretend jagermeister) and several games, including Cards Against Humanity.

    I'm ashamed.

    And yet a little part of me is still glowing :)

  • @mjr511, to quote Dean Martin:

    "You're not drunk if you can lie on the floor without holding onto it."

    So I'm sure you'll be fine. :)
  • I went to my local (and newly discovered by me) game shop for the first time for their Table Top Day event and stayed there most of the day!  It was awesome and I met a lot of really cool people.  I found out they have a weekly board game night, which was tonight, and I went back and played some more!  I guess basically I'm the poster child for what the purpose of Table Top Day was!

    Anyway, I ended up playing five games total:

    1.) Rampage - Which was a really fun, different game I never expected!  The store owner recommended it because they had a demo of it set up and ready to go.  I was actually kind of excited when I saw Wil and co played it, too!  Quote of the game was "I dare you to throw a bus at me!" and yes, it actually happened.  I ended up winning, yay!

    2.) The Adventurers - This was a completely different game with mummy tombs and treasure hunting and collapsing ceilings.  It was excellent!  I made it out alive but did not win this one, though my friend did end up buying a copy of this game so we can play it more, yay!

    3.) Takenoko - I had heard good things about this game so when I saw a game of it starting, I jumped right on that.  I mean, it has a cute panda, how could I resist?  I really enjoyed it and ended up buying a copy of it for myself!

    4.) Dominion - This was my first foray into any sort of card game, never mind a "deck building game" but I really enjoyed it.  I even ended up winning!  Yay!

    5.) 7 Wonders - Ended up closing the shop playing this game.  I definitely didn't understand what I was doing until after the game - I was supposed to be building a wonder?  What?  Oops!  I didn't win, needless to say, but I didn't do half badly for someone who had no idea what was going on half the game.  I would like to play it again now that I have a better handle on the game.

    I have pictures from each game, which I can add if you want, plus my picture was on the fb page for the shop, which was kinda funny since someone I know spotted it and recognized me.  I ended up winning the Gloom cards in a raffle which was exciting and getting a dice game as a give-away, yay.

    Tonight, at board game night I learned how to play Zombiecide, which was crazy and we accidentally cheated so many times.  Oops.  Though it was sort of balanced out by the fact that we didn't realize we were allowed to do certain things until after, either.  In any case, it was fun.  I took out zombies with a baseball bat, yay.
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    Since I already recapped my ITTD, I won't repeat myself.

    I will say that my experience at the FLGS inspired me to start an informal (so far) TableTop Tuesday. I have a couple friends who will be joining me in the games room to play table top games. Being a weeknight, we will wrap up at about 10pm to give the store time to close down.

    I hope we can make this an ongoing thing.
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    I started the day off by playing my first ever game of D&D! It was initially weird playing over the internet and having no dice, but that wore away quickly. Jodie created a fun campaign and I played with some awesome people. The video of that experience can actually be found HERE.

    Then my godsons came by and we hung out and played LEGO Marvel Superheros. It's not exactly a tabletop game but it's still awesome to play with the kiddos.

    Around this time I was watching the G&S livestream and constantly refreshing the Indiegogo page to see how well the funding was going.

    The big finish was going to Battle& Brew. My good friend/sound engineer/bassist Matt had never been, so I thought it would be a great time to introduce him to the place. I got some food and drinks, played a bit of Tekken Tag Tournament before launching into many games of The Resistance with some random people we met. Afterwards we chatted up the night until it was time to bid them adieu and get some rest.

    All in all, I can safely say it was an awesome Table Top Day. :)
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  • For Table Top day I went to Kawaii Kon (on Oahu (in Hawaii)) there were a lot of steve jackson games like Revolution!, Munchkins, zombie dice. 
    Played Revolution! and that actually was a pretty unfair game to come back from since the more money you have the more you can spread out and if you get the force you can probably get the blackmail next turn and just alternate between force and blackmail I ended up losing the first game by over 100 points and winning the second game by over 100 points
    Played some of my games to
    Ghost Stories 
    a cooperative games were you try to protect the village from ghosts until you reach the boss ghost and exorcise it!
    A classic and simple deck builder

    Also finally got to play betrayal at the house on the hill that i had looked forward to since i saw it on tabletop It was fun even though the tentacle monster ate us all (we didn't even get 1 of the 3 hits we needed on its head) 
    And a unique one that was also fun called 
    Glory to Rome
    It seemed pretty even in the final score though we did play it wrong at the start, the game was pretty complex for a card game. Second time around was even better, 1 more person played and we had the rules correct this time. I was already slightly familiar with the Follow or Think rule that was put into Eminent Domain. The whole point of the game was to collect influence and clientele and maybe some resources in your vault. The cards were nice how you could make a card a 
    Laborer to use as an action or add to your clientele or a piece of Rubble from your stockpile or even a Road as your structure to gain influence to increase your clientele and vault limits

    And we had the craziest game of Elder Sign
    We had about 30 minutes left until the Table Game area closed and we had given up 
    the luck gods were not pleased with us but it seems as though they enjoy pessimism
    as we cursed at the dice we finally started getting what we needed (even though we intentionally awoke Cthulhu) while fighting off Cthulhu and even though it took us about two and a half hours to get 8 of the 13 elder signs we had gotten the last 5 in 2 turns which took about 5 minutes total
    it was insane best Elder Sign game I had ever played  
  • @GamePerson I've played Glory to Rome once, with a friend who knew the rules, and with his explanation we managed to understand it after a little while. It's quite good when you get the hang of it! (we played the simplest variation of the game). The game itself has an interesting history as it was a kickstarter project that the guy essentially almost went bankrupt trying to fulfil everyone's pledges, the initial printing was disastrous and had to be redone - I'm sure you can find the story online if you're interested. Still a good game though!
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