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Not sure I'm writing this in the right spot, as I was gone for a while and am unfamiliar with the new changes to this site.  I'm wondering if Nika Harper's Wordplay is still up and running.  I can't seem to find the link to it.  I'm worried it has been replaced with her video games blog, which is cool in itself, but I was hoping to get back into writing and I loved her bi-weekly projects.


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    WordPlay is still here, @Juicyfruit, but it is a bit hidden. Under the Vloggers forums in the Nika Harper forum you will find all the old threads and stories. Here is a direct link.

    When Nika started her new show, Story Mode, it was decided to make both shows have sub-forums under Nika's umbrella. Sorry for any confusion, but at least now we can see the floor after sweeping all the authors' wadded up drafts into this new cupboard.
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  • That being said, @NikaHarper hasn't created a WordPlay video for a while (on her own channel), but she has recorded a few of her own stories there, so be sure to check out Nika's own channel for some more great content.
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