League of LARPing - Episode 1!

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This episode put me in such a good mood because of Jesse Cox! What did you all think? 

Also, has anyone LARPed before? I was always nervous/shy about being interested in it because of the way it's viewed, but this ep made it look exciting! :) 


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    Really enjoyed it, the LARPing looked utterly spectacular, and I could easily imagine an entire series based around a pro-celeb LARP tournament. Jesse was as funny as he always is, and I would have just died if he had pulled out an "I am vengeance, I am the night" recital proceeding his reveal as Batman.

    I'm glad they put a little more emphasize on the reality segment, over the game. There's plenty of gaming shows around (on G&S alone), and the LARP stuff was both informative, entertaining and something we haven't seen on the channel before. Maybe we need to have a Guide to LARPing Guest Vlog in the future? I'm sure you'll could find someone on the forums who could help :-)

    EDIT: Or a one off Felicia LARP Flog... Imagine the possibilities!!! 

    The only con is that I have no idea now how that can possibly top that live action segment in the future?

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    Awesome episode and great series.

    I've translated the episode to Russian, here's the subtitle:[redacted]
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