Happy 2nd Anniversary, Geek & Sundry!

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For anyone who missed it, we're officially two years old today! @feliciaday brought in cupcakes, but they were devoured before I could snap a photo. Eep. 

At any rate, I wanted to open this thread up so that we can all share our favorite G&S memories, the friendships we've made, and other awesome things that have happened in the past. To kick it off, here's an excerpt from Felicia's posts on Tumblr/Facebook: 


Two years ago today my company Geek & Sundry launched with this Guild music video. It’s been an amazing ride, the worst days and the best days of my life. I can’t tell you everything I learned about starting and running a company here, but I can tell you this: Without you guys to make content for, I would never have been able to do this the hard, less trodden way. You keep us going. 

Because you guys make it so rewarding, by meeting you at cons, by seeing your comments and your shares, it makes all the hard work worth it. That’s why I stay on the web, because I love that connection with you guys, truly.

We’ve learnt a lot of things about ourselves and what kind of content we want to make and what we are incredibly proud of and what we don’t want to make again, but at the core of it, I just hope we get to make things that make you laugh or game, and can become a fan of. Thank you for continuing to make that happen by watching our stuff.

Going forward I’m excited to be more focused and keep doing what we do best, at the same time expand beyond YouTube, even. We have some cool stuff in the works, promise! 


And we do! I'm so excited to be a part of this incredible team at HQ, and I feel very, very lucky to work with a community like ours. Thank you guys for powering this crazy machine we call Geek & Sundry - here's to many more years! 


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    Gosh, you don't look a day over 18 months!

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  • Man, so many good G&S memories :D

    - Sneakily watching the live stream of launch day, tweeting in an answer to one of the questions and getting to actually appear in the hangout with Felicia & Day[9] *while I was at work!* hehehe

    - Having Tabletop expand my love of board games, so much so that our Discworld fan group has embraced the board gaming hobby as our secondary interest

    - Entering the Guild S1-5 Recap Video contest on a whim with Munchkin cards and ending up being one of the 8 finalists :D

    - Making Guild costumes for Supanova 2012 with Felicia as a guest, and managing to get a group of 5 of us together to meet her and be super awesome. Also a world first with my Fawkes avatar costume (based on the comic)

    - Meeting Karina at that convention - the winner of the Guild Recap video contest - in my hometown, no less :D

    - The launch of the Vlogs channel, and the following Vlogger search that brought many great people into G&S. Even those who didn't make it on to the official channel have kept on Vlogging since then. I really enjoyed the fact that @MrGrokNRoll started hangouts with potential vloggers and then kept going with other geeky hangouts after the contest was over.

    - And a big thanks to @MrGrokNRoll who wanted to talk Discworld & Terry Pratchett and graciously rearranged the time of the hangout so I could participate. And we did it together with an official vlogger, @allhailskippy (Paul the DIY Guy) as well :D

    - Being nominated as a G&S forum moderator to help fight the spam (which has pretty much gone away now!) and being elevated to this privilege by @feliciaday. The Mod Squad are a swell bunch and I hope you feel that we've curated these forums to be a central hub of the G&S community. (All with @ohcatrina's help, of course!)

    - Loving almost everything that G&S has put out on both their main and vlogs channels - not all of the topics really interest me, but I've still found myself enjoying the shows and vlogs more than I thought I might.

    So cheers to two years, Geek & Sundry, and may there be many more!
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    Well I've talked at length about the effect the G&S Community has had on my life elsewhere, so I'll take a few moments to mention some of my favorite things from years one and two.

    Tabletop Dragon Age: The first Geek and Sundry video I ever saw, special thanks to Green Ronin for posting the link.

    The Guild: Without doubt the greatest show ever committed to any form of media ever. That singular moment of recognizing myself in the very first monologue, would go on to change my life forever.

    MetaDating: The show that introduced me to the man, the legend, the sleeping drone. Sean Day[9] Plott. One of the most uplifting, positive people in the entire world. Not to mention - effing hilarious.

    The Flog/Felicia's Ark/Vaginal Fantasy/Co-Optitude: Felicia being Felicia, and talking about the things she loves. Nothing in the world could be more entertaining.

    Space Janitors: Funny as hell, and still the only Kickstarter I've ever backed. (At least until Felicia has one.)

    The Invitation to join the Mod Squad: Proof that this might be a place that I could at least to some degree belong.

    Long live Geek and Sundry, and may the green and white fly high for another thousand years.

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  • Happy Anniversary, Geek & Sundry!!! :)  I've enjoyed the content so much and though I'm new to the forums, I've been enjoying being here, too!  In honor of the occasion, I bought myself two G&S tshirts today, yay!
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    What can I say about the place that gets over half my waking attention I don't waste on mundane things like working? It's nigh impossible to select just one (or even six) favorite event from this world Felicia has created.
    "but, masters, remember that I am an ass; though it be not written down, yet forget not that I am an ass" W.S.
    Wheaton's Law; "Don't be a dick." It's not THAT hard.
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    Well, happy birthday, you weird thing that makes me look forward to Mondays.

    It was a fun time doing the German captions for the Guild. Even if laughter often turned into frustration, once you realize some triple pun is really funny and also impossible to translate, it was always made up for by the feeling of getting a change to give something back in return.

    I'm looking forward to the next 20 years of G&S and the inevitable world domination that is sure to follow. After all, the geek shall inherit the earth... or something like that.
  • G&S inspired me to shake off a lot of shyness when it came to being a nerd, and really speak out for my community. Also, they gave me a job for some insane reason, and I've learned so very much ever since I began working with this awesome team. So, here's to many more years of great content and the strange-but-wonderful family that we've built. :) 
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    Congratulations to all the Geek & Sundry team! It's been a good two years watching your stuff, meeting awesome people on the forums and getting to do a guest vlog for you! Here's to many more!
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