VIDEO: Geek & Sundry on Hulu & YouTube? Where's Spelllslingers?

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Omar and Mia clear up a few things that our community has been wondering about! :)


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    TGIF just became TGIC !
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  • The weird thing is that there seemed to be some sort of furor (I'm not quite sure where, maybe Twitter?) after it was announced that Caper was going to Hulu. Those of us outside the US can't get Hulu without subverting geo-blocking so there were people going "but putting it on Hulu is not fair to non-Americans! We want to see Caper too!"

    It didn't make sense to me, because G&S have been advertising it for MONTHS, heck even longer since the show was announced with the Season 2 line up last April, so I doubt they'd ever do something so nasty as to pull the show from G&S's main channel on YouTube. I guess maybe the press releases for the new Hulu deal focused on that and didn't also mention that G&S on YouTube is the primary home of these shows.

    Definitely looking forward to it tomorrow :D

    And Spellslingers should  be back now, it's summer already, so says the 43 degrees C (110 F) temperature outside...
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  • We can be shockingly hemisphere-normative sometimes, can't we, @Molokov!  And what are people living at the equator to think, anyway?  How can they tell if it's summer?  It's always the same!  Anyway, I'd ship you some of our abundant local supply of aestival snow if I could, because that sounds frakking hot.  

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