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    Hi @Zuffy- They rolled back because the upgrade caused issues with creating a new Username, which was impeding the process of people signing up for Secret Santa. 

    Edit: Oh! And if reporting bugs is buggin' ya, no harm no foul! Thanks for your efforts over time, I'm sure you'll be happier devoting your energy elsewhere. 
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    My plan is to submit your recent remarks after the Secret Santa deadline closes, to avoid any potential hiccups just as people are trying to participate.

    Hahaha oh man, you're going to think I'm a moron, but I have no idea what an EOL forum platform is, what the difference is between 2.1.13pl and Stardate 30154. .. Well, actually I guess I know the Stardate thing a little better. 
    Frankly, Zuffy my friend, I am a forums peon. I am inhumanly excellent at organizing schedules and calendars, an idiot savant at creating excel databases, and have the tenacity and work ethic of 1000 monkeys at 1000 typewriters. Emotionally, I care very much about the humans on the forum. But I am a clumsy gorilla when it comes to the tech side. I understand a smooth tech experience bolsters the human one, but "why not disable the subcategories", or "Why bother with old emotify plugin"? I dunno. I just put in the complaint you expressed and THEY changed it. THEY are in a very tall building many miles from here. THEY are cyborgs, for all I know. 

    As for announcements, I did post in the Secret Santa forum "Hey guys, if you were having trouble existing here, you can do that now!" Does the world at large care that their emojis are no long Stay Puft? I would love if some other members chimed in and let me know. Again, TBH, I don't receive communications from THEM when they commit to fixes. They just happen, then I see your reaction, Zuffy. And thanks for that, or I would have no idea!!

    Anyhoo, thanks for trying. Hopefully if the errors deeply affect other people enough, they will reach out and you will not have to be the only torch and pitchfork bearer of the forums. Please feel free to respond directly here or e-mail me directly [email protected] if you have any more concerns to vent.
  • Hello,

    I am having problems posting on the Shows and Articles pages. It tells me that the comments are "awaiting moderation." This happens both on my PC and iPhone. Can you guys let me know what is happening? Is my profile restricted in some way?

    Let me know when you have a chance. Thank you.

  • I have no idea why, but I can't seem to post anywhere. It goes to moderation and never comes out. I doubt this will post. Maybe?
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    Trying to connect my Facebook in the Edit Profile -> Social section. I'm getting the below error. Is this an issue on my end or the forums? And sincerest apologies if this was already mentioned. I skimmed and didn't see it anywhere. #forumbug 
    "error": {
    "message": "Invalid redirect_uri: Given URL is not allowed by the Application configuration",
    "type": "OAuthException",
    "code": 191,
    "fbtrace_id": "GHnEbqqgC65"

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    Hi @Smashley27, ooh, this is a good one. We're currently in the midst of revamping the forums, I'll make sure this is strongly addressed. Thanks for bringing it to our attention!
  • Oh yay! I'm proud of myself for finding it then. Thanks @VirginiaApplejack
  • #sitebug I am using chrome browser, and currently find video viewing on the site very laggy and unusuable (slow loading, constant freeze frame pauses, consumes tons of memory).  I have very good home internet bandwidth, and no problems with other sites I frequent... pretty sure the issue is on your end.   I'm not sure if you changed the embed video player code recenty or server or something, but it is impossible to watch videos here on geekandsundry site.   I watched about 20+ of the very long Critical Role videos through the site last year with no problems, which is why I think something may have changed.  Anyway, I am currently limited to viewing your content live on twitch or when posted eventually on YouTube, and thought you should know in case others are similarly affected.
  • #sitebug maybe not?  ... and now video streaming through the geekandsundry site is working pretty well again, so maybe the site was just heavily loaded Friday night ?
  • Has anyone else encountered this?
    I can log in to the Forums page with my email & password combo, but, when I am attempting to log in so I can make a comment to an article written by G&S, I am told that the password does not match the email.  
  • Thanks, @Zuffy !  I didn't realize that the answer was going to be that simple!
  • #sitebug - user psams posted something similar about this a couple weeks ago, but I'll add to it:

    The G&S website is, in general, incredibly slow and lumbering. I have used multiple browsers and multiple computers - both PC and Mac - and every time I find pages crashing, slow loading times, and videos stuttering. Almost every time I visit the site - regardless of the page - I will get a browser alert that "something has crashed - would you like to ignore or reload?" (And neither option ever fixes the problem, sometimes requiring me to restart my browser entirely.)

    I don't know if it's the ads or something else, but it's caused me to start avoiding the site, even if I see an article in social media feeds that I'm interested in. I can't even open a G&S tab and leave it for later reading; it will inevitably fail within 10 minutes and necessitate a complete browser restart.

    The Critical Role fanart galleries are particularly problematic in this regard, and the last time I tried to watch TableTop episodes on site the videos would hardly play at all. LARPS was also very laggy. I also tried to keep the Critical Role Spotify playlists open in one tab (so I could read the cast comments) while Spotify played in another tab, and every time it has caused my entire browser to crash.

    Soooo ... yes. There's my contribution. Happy to provide more info, if it will help! I just ... I really want to be able to visit the site without it slowing down my entire computer!! Thanks to the tech team for all your work~
  • #sitebug

    It seems like it is impossible to edit signatures anymore. All the other profile edit options work, but that one leads to a blank page.

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    Current Bug:

    Typing anything in the Forum Search dialog box will not show up.  Because the font color is white-text-on-white-background and is tiny font size.  The only way you know what you've typed is to type the search string, hit enter, then retype the first few letters and the previous entry will show in a drop-down.

    On Firefox Version 45.0.1, Win 7 Home, 64-bit.

  • Does anyone even work on this forum anymore? Still no fix to the signature issue...

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