The Great Big Bug Thread

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Hello everyone! 

As you can see, I've unannounced our two previous threads. You can check out our old forum bug thread and website bug thread still, but I wanted to move this into one solid thread to start alleviating clutter within our announcements. 

This thread is going to rely primarily on hashtags, which will make it easier for our staff to sort through the thread. At the moment, we're making really big changes to the functionality of our site, so I want to have this available for both the site and this forum. 

So, for forum bugs, use #forumbug -- for site bugs, use #sitebug! This will make it easier for us to find problems and sort through them accordingly!

Most forum bugs can be sorted by our mods, so it's best to take 'em all here! 

Thanks all! 


  • @Zuffy: quick question on that first site bug! What are the specifics on that? I ran a few tests within our comments section and right-clicked to open a new tab -- are you thinking they should auto-open on new tabs? 

    I'll follow up with @witteefool on the site bugs and see what I can do about as many of the forum bugs as possible within the next few weeks! :) 
  • UPDATE: Regarding the #sitebug on comments -- 

    I'm being told that disqus is a fixed system, so new tabs won't open through links. Bummer. :< 

    Jinx links will be fixed soon enough! We're also working on getting this puppy ready for mobile. :) 
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    Kind of a minor #forumbug, but when I try to open an Announcement thread like this on on my iPad, tapping the thread title usually just highlights it, without doing anything else. If I press and hold, I get a little pop-up window of options which I can use to open the thread, but it seems odd and unique to the sticky announcements, and I only just found the press-and-hold workaround by accident, so I thought I'd mention it.
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    @Farlander, @ohcatrina has mentioned that there are changes coming soon for the mobile users. Perhaps your issue will be addressed in that roll-out. (fingers crossed)
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  • #forumbug - I'd like to change the email account associated with my profile, but it won't save the change. 

    Thanks for the help!
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  • Though not a bug, I'd like to change my Account Name if at all possible.
    (I have been using my nick name and would very much like to go by Gil Ramirez now)
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  • #sitebug the irc client has "geekandsundry-user-92007" hardcoded as the username instead of randomly generating the number as it did before the latest redesign. I might argue it should just leave the field empty so people put in a username.
  • OakspoorOakspoor Member, Moderator
    You too, @Zuffy? I've noticed it on a couple other sites as well, though.
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    @Zuffy - I've noticed different fonts being used by Firefox on my desktop vs my laptop for that green navigation bar in past - it looks fine on the desktop, but uses a thicker "Impact" like font on my laptop. It could possibly be that I don't have the appropriate font installed on my laptop (so it resorts to Impact, the second in the list) but other than that they are the same.

    Admittedly, I updated my laptop's Firefox to 32 last night but haven't looked at this site with it yet. Haven't updated the desktop yet.
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    The only thing I've found, and maybe it's Chrome (though I'm not sure why that would be the problem) is that I can almost never get to the episode drop down option when I go into the pages for specific shows. It's like I can flip a coin with how often it will either work, or not. Like right now I came to the site specifically to watch the new episode of Spellslingers and the only video I can watch is the gag reel because that's the latest uploaded. There's no option to bring up the list of episodes. This happens on Tabletop as well from time to time for some reason. 
  • AspirAspir Member
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    I have followed geek and sundry for quite some time now. However since the website launched I have yet to be able to get the episode links on the main page to work reliably. I want to follow more of what geek and sundry has to offer but, I have a hard time keeping interest in the intended video if I have to scour the internet on an epic quest to find my intended video.

    Currently if I click on a link, if it is a vlog or co-optitude it works fine. Anything else sends me to the shows page.
  • Sosumi_RogueSosumi_Rogue Member
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    I don't know if this is a bug or I am doing something wrong, but I am trying to change my email address. When I click Save, the screen hangs and nothing happens. Am I able to change my email address? Or does an administrator have to change it for me?

  • Daniel_WallaceDaniel_Wallace Member, Moderator
    @Sosumi_Rogue The software does not let you change it but we can using our admin powers. So if you would send me the email you want changed and the one you want it changed to via pm, I will change it for you asap.
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  • @Daniel_Wallace  I've sent you my email. Thank you and everyone for your help!
  • Has the forum software been updated recently?

    I can no longer get the following page view to work on a mobile device* and the link to it ("Forum Discussions") has gone. It just reverts to the main forums ("Forum Categories" in the nav bar) view. This happens whether I use a bookmark or type it manually
    http : // geekandsundry . com / forums / discussions   (spaces added to prevent auto-linkage).

    I find this page the easiest way to catch what topics have new posts (and how many).

    Oddly, it still works just fine on the non-mobile site (and the link is still there) when I use my PC.

    * I'm use an Android device, but I don't think it an OS issue,.
  • alanalmeriaalanalmeria Member, Moderator
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    @Tranquility The forums were updated to a newer version of the vanilla forum software a couple of days ago, and things have been bug-city ever since.

    Kim and the G&S team are currently working on it, and indeed have already fixed several key issues. But there looks to be quite a lot for them to do, so you may encounter some oddities in the interim.

    Sorry for the inconvenience :-(

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  • torontogaltorontogal Member, Moderator
    @Tranquility - thanks for the info about the issue on Android devices.  There's similar (but not quite the same) issues on Apple devices as well, that I've reported to Kim.  Hopefully we have a solution soon :)

    As @AlanAlmeria noted, the tech team is investigating!
  • I sent a (non-forum) message before I saw this thread, so sorry about using the wrong location.

    On my Android (5.0) device (Chrome and Firefox) the discussion threads are completely blank unless I request the desktop version.
  • @zuffy The signature page is blank for me as well!
  • VirginiaApplejackVirginiaApplejack Member, Moderator
    Oi! I passed your concerns on, along with screenshots, to The Great Big powers that be. *fingies crossed* (although I kind of like these massive smileys... :p
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