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Really enjoyed this. I've always tried to play games in a character driven manner, so this vlog is right up my alley. As a longtime sucker for tragic romances, the tale of the Scarecrow and Cacti-Girl was touching to behold, and she was certainly prickly enough to be a real woman :p

Also trapping the "Hmms" in their "Secret Clubhouse" was a hilarious moment, even more so because of Nika's gleeful reaction to the event. Looking forwards to seeing where the show goes from here.

PS: Pumpkin Head!

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  • I'm afraid I haven't watched any of Nika's blog since she stopped doing WordPlay, but I watched a bit of this today. The thing is, I don't have a chance to play a lot of video games, so I'm not sure Story Mode is right for me. But at least I liked the idea of making stories up in your head while playing games. It reminds me of when I used to play Tetris... I had a vague sort of story in my head that I don't think it would be worth even trying to describe, but... it helped keep me occupied, at the time.
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