A comic book movie is coming out soon and I'd like to read the comics before, please help.

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I am super excited about Guardians of the Galaxy coming out soon. I have never really heard of this somehow unconventional band of superheroes. I'd really like to learn more about them. Could someone please give me some advice about which Guardians of the Galaxy comics I should read to give me a good introduction?


  • The guardians of the galaxy of the movie are "based" on the newest comic of the same name, it has been ongoin since 2008 but you should star from there.

    I'm not reading it right now but a frien of mine told me that the movie would actualy use the team of the newest volume write by Bendis. Anyway i still recomend you to start in the first volume of the 2008 comic Guardians of the Galaxy.
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    That is probably the best place to start, the 2008, series, but they also just started a new run last April as part of the Marvel NOW! initiative. I didn't really read it before the Now series, and it has its moments.
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