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Now that we've has the official confirmation that a second season at least of the show is coming, I thought it was about time someone started a thread about potential future guests.

Obviously this thread has no official status or influence on the selection of guests, but various G&S officials do browse the forums, so if someone makes an unbelievably great suggestion it might happen. (Probably not, but lets not utterly discard the possibility.)

I'm going to try and keep my suggestions realistic, but if you want to suggest a 4-way game where Day[9] plays Rasputin, Fu-Manchu and King Midas, go right ahead, just don't be surprised if it doesn't happen.

First up has to be Felicia, yes I know she's been on the show before, but at the time I advocated a best of 101 series and I still believe that would be in the best interest's of the channel. You could add a survivor like element, were the two of them spend a month chained to the card table, and only the winner of each of the three daily games is allowed anything to eat, just image the tension as the days go by. (And the smell)

Now assuming that doesn't happen, and I don't see any reason why it shouldn't. They should totally get Ryon on the show, we know for a fact that he plays Magic, and it only seems fair to allow another member of the Day clan a chance to reclaim the honor of the Day family name from the 9 tailed usurper.

Finally I would throw out John "Total Biscuit" Bain as an option, he's a confirmed fan of the show, a known magic player and he has a shoutcasting history with Day[9]. Plus I watch him play a lot of Hearthstone online and he has a tendency to make horrible misplays and get really annoyed about it. Internet gold people, internet gold.

So who would you like to see on the show?

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  • It'd be nice to see @DailyDael on there - although physical location makes it somewhat tricky!

    And of course @TMInformation is more likely, considering he's in LA, and he played Magic against Felicia at SDCC.
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    I should be on the show...JK!

    I am an Amateur.  The local card shop owner called me a "Johnny Player" because I romanticize things too much.  I'm not a competitive mathematician strategist, the "Timmy", nor am I the type of player who plays just to "get people. grrr...", the "Spike".  See here.

    You know who I would really REALLY want to see on the show?  Some of the creators of the game from Wizards.  Unleash the real game "Gods", if you will.  You probably know them better than I.   Perhaps some of the authors involved.  But that's being romantic about it.  I can get all the "Timmy" and "Spike" info from watching the videos here.

    I would like to see Felicia and Dael and the other hosts of the show, but that goes without playing, er.. saying...*stutter*

    Without a doubt MTG is THE MOST COMPLICATED GAME I'VE EVER PLAYED.  If you consider an EDH deck, there are 100 singleton cards chosen from a library of over 10,000 choices.  Each card represents a slight variation in the rules of the game, and put them together in combination with other cards and you have an extraordinary permutations exercise.

    Now factor in EDH's infinite combo's, some of which you may find here.

    Therefore my next choice of guests on the show, which would require the guest to do some research ahead of time, is a mathematician permutations expert who can explain the possible deck combinations in relationships to each other and how to scientifically develop strategies from there. (An ultra Timmy, if you will).
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  • My number one choice would be Richard Garfield, the creator of Magic. My very close second would be Peter Adkison, who ran Wizards from Magic's inception in 1993 until 2001.

    I know Mark Rosewater is actually more of a creative/development guy and has admitted before that he doesn't actually play as often as he should (which is funny when you consider he's arguably the most important person when it comes to Magic), plus Washington might be a teensy bit of a hike (at least it's in the same time zone as California), but anyway, I think he's a very personable guy and would make a great guest.

    I totally agree on Ryon "R-Dawg" Day. 100%!

    Also, Wil Wheaton! If you want to bring him on with Ryon for a game of Two-Headed Giant then I think that'd be a cool way to introduce another format (other than Commander, Emperor, or Vanguard which are all kinds of complex if you're a viewer who's just learning how to play).
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  • @Leoki Oh wow, Richard Garfield would be AMAZING! 

    Nathan Fillion just started playing Magic, so he'd be my big pick, too. :) 
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