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Wikis are useful things for user-collaboration, Wikipedia is just the most famous of them (and second most famous: Wikileaks... and how many mundanes get those two confused, hmm?)

We use a Wiki at my software development workplace to store things like meeting minutes, links to currently open bug report tickets, design documents, individual status reports, plans for future development, and also "how to" articles for new employees to know how to set up their PCs or specific software applications. It's incredibly useful and the rule is: If something is out of date or not correct, edit the page and fix it.

Kiri talks about fan wikis and wanted everyone to share their favourite fan wikis here.

So, obviously, I'm a huge Discworld fan, and in the 1990's, the best resource on the 'net for Discworld stuff was L-Space, especially the Annotated Pratchett File. Unfortunately, maintenance on that website has slowed down over recent years, and the APF hasn't been updated since 2008.

However, several years ago, The L-Space Wiki came into existence and many people have contributed there to make it have quite a lot of information. It's not complete, mainly because there does exist real paper book versions of The Discworld Companion, and due to copyright, entries from the companion can't be duplicated on the Wiki, but if they could, it'd be brilliant - and errors/typos that are in the Companion could be corrected.

To be honest, I haven't contributed to the L-Space Wiki much (maybe once or twice), and haven't used it for a reference either, but I'm sure it's a good resource for fan-written information and artwork.

What are your favourite fan wikis? I'm sure Star Wars fans know about Wookiepedia, but there's got to be hundreds more out there.
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    In the course of writing my webcomic*, the wiki I look at most regularly is TV Tropes, but I also fairly regularly visit Wookiepedia, Memory Alpha (Star Trek), TARDIS Data Core and Battlestar Wiki. On occasion I've also consulted wikis for Buffy, Farscape and The X-Files, among other specialised wikis for programming and webdesign etc.

    Wikis have been life-savers for looking up that one name, or that one planet, or which bit of phlebotinum had what effect of which example of pure unobtanium and so on.

    Kiri was talking about the time Before Wikis, and I remember that time -- L-Space web was one of the first fan-curated online resources I looked at online. I'm pleased to hear there is now a wiki.

    Thinking of Terry Pratchett, I also remember, along with (I suspect) several of us here, the time Before Internet (or at least Before World Wide Web was Widespread), when fandom was enacted through dead-tree media in the form of a "fanzine".  When I was a teenager, I subscribed to both the fanclub "The Guild of Fan and Disciples" (with their newsletter "Ramtop to Rimfall") and the fanzine "The Wizard's Knob" (which sometimes included the Annotated Pratchett as a supplement).  Good times.

    * Out of Lego bricks; although currently on hiatus.

  • I really like The Binding of Isaac wiki because so many of the in-game items don't have any info with them about what they are, how they're used, etc. Oh, and Bulbapedia. I use that a lot because the Pokemon world has gotten huge and I forget about types, evolutions, etc. It's also how I learn about newer Pokemon. Oh, and Memory Alpha (the Star Trek wiki) is one I like a lot, along with the American Girl wiki.
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  • A few days ago I started a wiki for Geek & Sundry. Today I googled "geek and sundry wiki" to see if it was googleable yet (which it's not), but in so doing I discovered this episode, which was pretty cool. I need to try to watch more G&S vlogs... the only reason I don't is there are so many of them it's just daunting (and I am easily daunted). 
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