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I know the guild is sold on dvd at walmart, best buy and amazons websites. From my understanding there are both pressed disc copies ad well as dvdr copies. If so, how can i find out who sells the pressed disc copies for either the individual seasons or the megapack?



  • This is a bit of an anomaly from the earlier days of The Guild.  The tl;dr version is this - currently, you don't really need to worry about ending up with DVD-R copies unless you buy older The Guild DVD's on eBay.  The commercially available ones will be pressed DVD's.

    The LONG answer: The first commercial release of The Guild on DVD was May of 2009, via's Create Space publishing arm, which allows content creators (essentially) to self-publish.  It's an on demand inventory system, so (in theory) DVD's are burned as they're bought.  Later, New Video Group approached the show about being the publisher of the DVD and the intermediary to iTunes.  This was a pretty big leap - with New Video came retail distribution so the DVD's were readily available in video, book, & electronics stores, starting with the reissue of seasons 1 & 2 as a set (this version here) and then Season 3.  But this meant a longer lead time from the end of the season to when the DVDs would be ready, as the commercially pressed DVDs needed to be manufactured, and thus Season 3 was slated for a May release, but because the show had really grown in popularity and Season 3's DVD was going to include The Guild's first music video "Do You Wanna Date My Avatar," the decision was made to continue to use Create Space so that fans who wanted it as early as possible could get it a few months earlier (in February rather than May).  This plan was repeated for Seasons 4 and 5, which for those seasons meant a pre-Christmas release.

    So, Seasons 3, 4 and 5 all exist in two different versions, a Create Space two-disc DVD-R version and a "retail" version with single pressed/manufactured DVD.  Season 5's versions also differ in their cover art, with the Create Space version having the gold-bordered artwork, and the retail version showing Codex at a Mega-Game-o-Ramacon party (and a subtle switch from the old Guild logo to the one used for the Dark Horse Comics).

    At some point, Amazon phased out the DVD-R versions of 3-5, but you can actually still buy seasons 1 and 2 on Amazon in their original glory.


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