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I'm vision impaired, and find it difficult to read comics.  Are there any web pages I can go to to read popular comics?


  • OK, I found the Marvel Digital Comics app for Google Chrume
  • There's a lot of very good Webcomics out there (and a lot of poor ones too), but if you're talking stuff from Marvel/DC or other publishing houses, many of them sell their comics digitally too, although I'm not sure what format they take. You can read comics via many eBook platforms (not just tablets) too.
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  • Thanks for the info.
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    Probably the biggest place to see online comics directly on your PC is, that have a huge selection not only of Marvel and DC title, but also from many smaller companies as well.

    You read them on the sites browser, rather than download them, but one of the most interesting features is that they have this thing called guided view, which zooms in on a single panel or portion of a panel. I think its primarily intended to avoid  upcoming spoilers, but it might be very useful with your visual issues.

    Furthermore they always have a bunch of free comics, so you can try out the interface without spending any money. Although I think you probably have to open an account before hand.

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  • Thanks, I've copied the web link, and I'll check it out.
  • First charpter of saga is free on google-store and.... nop, just that, i want to read the full saga now.
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