Possible Theme based Challenge Show Ideas

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I have been playing MTG for a long time on again and off again and after watching this show I went onto Gatherer card search to see the one thing I always check and never fails to interest me as Tempest was the set that was new when I first got into the game: Did they bring back slivers again? Lo and behold they did make more new slivers in M14. Here's my suggestion: a sliver deck challenge where both players spin the wheel of fate to decide what colors of slivers they get and each deck contains two of each sliver that that color can summon from every unique sliver name. If possible that would mean 4 tempest era slivers, 6 from legions era, 14 from the time spiral block, and 2-8 from M14. You could then throw in colorless slivers from any of the blocks as well as any overlap gold slivers that apply to the color combination. In other words each deck would have 16+ slivers of one color, 16+ of the other color, any gold slivers that apply and various artifact slivers, and 10+ lands from each color. To make it interesting all older slivers would have the updated "sliver creatures you control..." instead of "all slivers..." for rules text. The only reason I think this can even be considered is because of the time spiral block where several slivers were given abilities normally associated with a different color i.e. haste on green, trample on red, vigilance on blue, ect. to help balance out the colors.

I'm sure that this may have come up as a question before but I think it would also be interesting to have a show or challenge where both players are playing tri-color decks, perhaps even rainbow decks. My favorite decks when I was little always had a concept behind them but in order to pull off said concept it often required three colors working together in exactly the right way. These decks were also totally reliant on a few very specific cards (as I was relying on only cards I owned and not cards I wished I had) which made them overpowered if you got them but often underpowered if you didn't. The most extreme example of this is a single card creating the idea of a green, white, red deck that I keep built just because it was surprisingly balanced even without the one card that the deck was named after.


  • *LOL* There are really people that use Gatherer?
    There are way better databases than Gatherer, dude!

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