Happy 2014! We've got ANNOUNCEMENTS!

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Hello everyone!
As we start a brand new year here at Geek & Sundry, we’re preparing for big changes, new events, and all-new shows. Let’s kick this off with our New Shows in the New Year, delivered by Amy Dallen, who has big news herself! See what we've got lined up for Spring:

New shows to look forward to include
Caper, Spooked, two new shows from Adam de la Pena (creator of Outlands), Arcade Arms, which is a show on video game weaponry hosted by Nika Harper, Amy Dallen’s Talkin’ Comics Weekly, and Geekend Update with Akeem Lawanson. Returning later this year is Spellslingers (release date announcement later!) along with even more episodes of TableTop and Co-Optitude! And this is just the beginning...

With all that said, I’d like to cover what’s
not mentioned in this video - from an expanding community to Vlogger changes, we have quite a lot to talk about!

Next up: VLOGGERS.


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    Our network has been growing almost explosively over the past year, and those of you that have subscribed to our vloggers’ personal channels may have noticed that (via their channel banners, especially). Each and every one of our vloggers is part of the Geek & Sundry network, and as such, you’ll be seeing a change in the lineup of who you can see where!

    On the main vlogs channel, you’ll find:

    Nika Harper’s Video Game Vlog - Every Other Monday

    Mythology with Dael Kingsmill - Every Other Monday

    Songs of Adventure - Every Other Monday

    (Note: Dael and SoA will release on the same Monday every other week)

    2 Broke Geeks - Every Other Tuesday

    Cosplay with Sachie - Every Other Tuesday

    Kiriosity with Kiri Callaghan - Every Other Wednesday

    Geeking Out - Every Other Wednesday

    Katie Satow’s Geek Beauty Vlog - Every Other Thursday

    Paul Mason the DIY Guy - Every Other Thursday

    Critical Hit Cocktails with Mitch Hutts - Every Other Friday

    Wargaming with Teri Litorco -  Every Other Friday

    On their personal channels, you’ll find:

    Read This! with Tigermonkey -- TUESDAYS
    Old School Pixel Party with Scott Tumilty -- THURSDAYS

    Videography with Cristina Viseu -- TUESDAYS

    Holland Farkas Talks Movies -- THURSDAYS

    Wordplay with Nika Harper -- WEEKLY

    Shows on Geek & Sundry’s Main Channel:

    Amy Dallen’s Talkin’ Comics Weekly - Wednesdays

    Geekend Update with Akeem Lawanson - Fridays

    Here on the forums, our vlog location changes will not apply to the subforums -- though Nika’s WordPlay and Gaming Vlog will both have their own forums.

    This new vlogger schedule begins TODAY with Kiri Callaghan on the vlogs channel! Make sure to check her out!

    For those of you who are asking about open spots for vloggers, we are not looking to fill any at the moment -- we want to help our current vloggers grow with their new schedules and channel management, so make sure to support your favorite vloggers by subscribing to their channels!

    Now for Part 3...

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    When I joined the team in September, I was delighted to immediately interact with an active, fun and positive community, and I think it’s time to grow through social media, forum interactions, and several platforms more.

    With that said, I’d like to direct you to our official Steam Group! While I am still in the process of contacting the mods, I didn’t want to replace this community with an ‘official’ new group, but rather grow and expand with the amazing people we already have actively participating.

    You can find us all over social media, but in an effort to be helpful, here are all of our links so that it’s easier to follow:

    Twitter | Facebook  | Tumblr | Instagram | Pinterest | Subreddit | Google+

    We’ll be growing with our smaller social communities, and I can promise you that we’ll have network-exclusive giveaways and perks for each, so feel free to join whichever sparks your interest!

    While our vlogger forums won’t change (save for the addition of Nika’s new vlog), the mods and I have been discussing effective ways to improve navigation and organization here on the forums for a while. Beginning February 1st, you will see that change come into play - primarily, we’ll be shifting a few forums around and consolidating certain others. Next Monday, look for an announcement on our General Discussion forums to show you how we plan on organizing it. I want to get this out to our members early so that you all don’t wake up one day and find this place looking different without any forewarning!

    That’s all from me, folks, but before I go I’d like to open this thread up to any questions or comments you all might have for me as Community Manager. I’ll answer them to my very best ability, but please know that there are still things that I cannot talk about, such as show spoilers, unconfirmed release or event dates, or Cubby Day’s future plans for world domination.

    From all of us here at HQ to you and yours,
    HAPPY NEW YEAR, and thanks for continuing to be the coolest online family anyone could ask for. We <3 you!  
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    @OhCatrina - I just wanted to say a huge thank-you for filling us in on the many new, exciting things around the corner for G&S!  Whether it's from a schedule perspective, or a content perspective, or a community perspective, there's always a lot of thought, care, and hard-work poured into everything that you guys do.  May the New Year provide continued growth, enthusiasm, and success for G&S! :D
  • can not wait 2014 is going to be big but is akeem still going to be doing his voice over vlogs or is he doing just the Geekend updates? because i love his vlogs :D
  • Akeem does tons and tons of videos on his personal channel, which is also part of the G&S network!  

  • I think these are some positive changes coming in the new year. I'm looking forward to a lot of the shows on the main channel. 
  • Very interesting. I'm looking forward to the influx of new shows on the main channel utilizing some familiar talent. Though I am a tad curious as to what factors went into deciding which vlogs stayed on the vlogs channel and which moved to the personal channels. Is that anything you can talk about?
  • I've been a big fan of Geek and Sundry for the past two years... I found the site because I was trying to catch up on the Guild and ended up here to watch the whole 5th and 6th seasons here... I am a father of three that is raising his children to appreciate the geekier things in life also.. My oldest, Brittaney, is the glee type kind that loves Cosplay, singing, poetry, comic illustration... and my two boys, Zachery and Thomas, are more just your book readers and gamers... Unfortunately, I haven't been able to get them into playing a lot of tabletops yet, but they are getting there... Right now, it is just a lot of video games.  We are big fans of Co-optitude, Fetch Quest and Tabletop, and I am hoping that there will be a season 7 of the Guild that will emerge... but we'll see... Anyway, I am excited for this New Year of 2014.  I have put my military career to rest finally and have embraced my new career as a freelance illustrator...  Please, if you are on Facebook, check out Insanity-Print and Publish... like it and share it... I will try to do some Geek and Sundry fan art in my spare time seeing as I am currently burying myself with two long term projects right now... A RTS game for a software company in Greece (Demigod Studios) and a 6-book fantasy book series.  I am hoping that we can publish the first book by April.. but we will see.

    Once again, check out my illustration:

    Let's have a great new year!!!

    The ArtDragon

  • AWESOME!!!!  I have been into the shows on here since The Guild (just got my autographed copy this week of the companion) and Tabletop.  NOW we have even MORE to watch.  Outlands is back, the two new shows...

    If only we could get another season of The Guild....

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  • Oooh exciting imma go get stuck in. Keep up the good work guys.
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    A lot of things make sense now... other then that: Processing... please wait... :-)
    If you see any spam, @-mention me in the thread and I will come in to kill it with my hammer. The hammer is not my... you know.

    I try to attack ideas and not people. If I fail, let me know. You may be wrong but I still love you. ;-)

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  • @ohcatrina Thanks for the big announcement, sounds like things will be good fun! Nice to see Arcade Arms coming back (although I personally may not follow most if it not having played the games the weapons come from) and having more Amy on the main channel is a good thing.

    I can understand that the Vlogs channel needed to be streamlined - 10 vlogs a week was quite a lot to watch and process! I feel sorry for those vloggers no longer on the channel, but will keep following some of them anyway.

    Looking very much forward to Caper and Spooked, and also to the forum reorganisation :D
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    Happy 2014 Geek and Sundry!

    It might be something of a stretch but I can probably think some thoughts, and who knows maybe a question will shake its way loose in the process.

    First up yay to all the new content! It certainly looks as though the channel continues to go from strength to strength, and hopefully this will help us reach a million subscribers before the end of year 2.

    New content wise I've been on record several times as much anticipating the return of scripted content, and Caper and Spooked should help scratch that itch, even more so if a certain redhead makes a cameo in one or both shows :-)

    You certainly kept the new Adam De La Pena shows under wraps, although I did have a suspicion something was coming with Arcade Arms after it was included in the teaser video released after SDCC.

    Like @Molokov I agree that the move to having but a single vlog a day (except every second Monday) is probably a good idea, and this seems like the perfect opportunity to finally get caught up on those vlogs that I haven't been watching religiously. YAY!

    Finally looking at the vlogger schedule, a question has emerged from the woodwork as I notice we no longer have a slot allotted for the Tuesday Guest Vlogs. Will we no longer be seeing videos from those who narrowly missed out on being part of the channel? Not to mention the brightest and best that the geeky community has to offer? Oh and Felicia, you can never have too many Felicia guest vlogs?

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  • I like the changes (minus the whole "no new chances to get in on the VLOGs" thing) alot and am really looking forward to the new content.

    I also continue to love how you guys keep the community informed. It's awesome!

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  • I'm so excited for another year of Geek & Sundry! Catrina, you are an amazing community manager & I'm looking forward to interacting with you in the future! ^^
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    Amongst the cavalcade of new information, I failed to realize two important tidbits.  It seems that Nika will have a whole new Vlog topic (Nika Harper’s Video Game Vlog) which sounds really cool :)

    Though in somewhat sadder news, I guess we'll no longer get to revel in the bizarre awesomeness of Jeff Lewis, as I don't think he's in the new Vlogger lineup.  Which makes a degree of sense, as he's got work to do on the 5-minute comedy hour and other pursuits etc.  But if he's indeed moved on, I'll miss his comedic point-of-view and the amazing Harry interactions at the end.  Long live the Cloffice!

    On a different note - I do have a question that's percolating, but I totally understand if it's a sensitive topic and may not be answerable for business reasons...

    But from what we understand, the G&S 'original content' funding provided by YouTube tends to start in April of one year, and end in March of the next year.  In essence, G&S 'Year 2' would be concluding 3 months from now...

    So I guess my question is this - when we hit the March 2014 timeframe, do we still need to be nervous about whether G&S has been 'renewed' to carry forward beyond that?  Or is it already safe to say that G&S has been given a green-light to keep producing content beyond the April 2014 milestone date?

    Again, I know that might be a sensitive question, so @OhCatrina can simply say 'spoilers' if she doesn't have an answer or isn't allowed to give info :)

    But on the flipside, if G&S has already been given notice that they've been 'renewed' for a 'Year 3' block of content, that would be pretty amazing and worth celebrating!
  • @OhCatrina I'm already looking forward to the new things that are coming. I hope everyone at G&S has a good year.

    Maybe you could say something about the shows that are 'external' but have been on the channel - On The Table, Space Janitors and Vaginal Fantasy?

    (Having said that, I know that Space Janitors are Kickstarting their season 3, which won't be ready until after this G&S season anyway, and also saw Bonnie Burton commenting that Vaginal Fantasy will continue, but I thought I'd ask generally anyway.)
  • As big as G&S is, I dont think that YouTube would drop them...
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    Ok, I think I have let it sink in enough. 
    These announcements were such a wonderful way to kick off 2014, There is so much going on that I thought my head might have exploded but my skull managed to stay intact. 
    Excited about all this new....new shows....new schedules.....new growth!
    Though there are a few questions that have sprung to mind:

    1. The Vlogs that are moving to personal channels, will they stay on the same schedule or is it now up to the vlogger when they will post it?

    2. Will Talkin' Comics Weekly be longer form than @amydallen's vlogs? Because more @amydallen is a win for the community.

    3. Is @NikaHarper's video game vlog going to be her talking about games, playing games, need more info?? You can't just drop that in the comments and run....

    4. One show that seems to have disappeared of the radar since being announced at SDCC is GamE.R. Did development fall through or is there still a plan for it? (If it's unanswerable, I will take 42 as the next beat answer.)

    So if 2014 is going to be Geek and Sundry's best year yet, does that mean 2015 will the year they go for global domination?
    I look forward to seeing what @ohcatrina has in store for us forum folk.
    I like the idea of expanding, branching, and unearthing new things.
    I like pie.

    Viva la Retrolution!

    Steam ID: fiendish imp
  • Love the devilish wit... I appreciate the reference to Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, Fiendish Imp...  After reading a little bit more on all the different sites, I realize that I am a bonehead... When I initially found this site awhile back.. I was still in the military and didn't realize that it was actually still on the ground floor... I honestly thought it was already an established site... anyway, I am glad that I am finally officially part of the G & S community... I am going to do my best to actively post in all the community forums, but I have a tendency to bury myself in artwork on a regular basis and since I am now working out of my home, I am constantly the hands-on dad too... Anyway, as I said before I am looking forward to a great year with Geek and Sundry, I have found a community that I definitely will find much kinship with... 

    With much sincerity,
    The ArtDragon

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