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Hi all! 

While I will not be tuning in to the DW Holiday Special today (just a little too far away from tv now!) I figured that this might be a fun thread to start for all fans of the Doctor -- to bid farewell to Matt Smith and chat about the future of the Whoniverse! Once you've watched the special, feel free to hop in and discuss!

Happy Holidays! 


  • Is it wrong that I'm not sad to see 11 go? I'm just really excited for 12!
  • Oh my god, the Rings of Akhatenn music brought tears to my eyes. Clara never fails to make me emotional.
    If they remove her from the show I'm going to be soooooooo pissed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Xmas special wasn't quite as good as the 50th (but it was never going to be) and I don't think all those references to things within Matt Smith's tenure quite make sense...but considering I've not watched most of those episodes since their original airing I could just be forgetting a lot of it (or I've encountered the Silence)

    I thought I recognised the actress who played Mother Superius from somewhere else, but looking up Orla Brady on IMDb I appear to be mistaken as I don't think I've seen anything else she's been in.
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  • so many feelings. why would they end it like that!!!!! and with amy showing up.....whywhwywhywhwywhy????
    so how did everyone else like the episode?
  • Fiendish_ImpFiendish_Imp Member, Moderator
    I definitely feel this episode was a bit of a mixed bag. I like Matt Smith but I don't think he got the send off he deserved. Tennant's departure was so emotional, and the biggest feel in this episode for me was Amy's appearance. That being said, I can't wait to see more Capaldi.
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  • Leave it to the Time Lords (Steven Moffit) to change the rules. Also, certainly a different type of regeneration with bringing back Amy Pond and the taking of of the Bowtie.
  • OakspoorOakspoor Member, Moderator
    If I recall some of my classic DW regens; it doesn't seem so odd to symbolize the change by shedding a key wardrobe identifier. It's been done numerous times. I actually thought (SPOILER) when she came back into the TARDIS the regen had already happened.

    I think they stuck Amy in there as a nod to a great highlight of the Doctor's (smith's) tenure. I seem to recall that Pertwee, Baker (#4), and Davidson had small flashback sequences in their regeneration series.

    Sorry guys, I'm just not so personally invested in these new Doctors. Probably because I'm officially at my own 50th anniversary in 2 hours and remember watching Patrick Troughton right after Sesame Street 0001 .

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  • I honestly thought it was a poor episode. Matt Smith's Doctor could've had a better send off than that. The best part of the regeneration scene other than seeing Amy one more time (in a sweet wig, may I add) was the dropping of the iconic 11th's bow tie.

    Also, I may have missed this part, but did the Time Lords reset all his regenerations or did they just extend him one more?
  • @Fancy_Grizzle In the TARDIS he says he has a whole new regeneration cycle. So, Smith was cycle 1, regeneration 12 (c1r12) and Capaldi is cycle 2, regeneration number 0 (c2r0).
  • I feel the same way @Fiendish_Imp - I thought this episode had a lot of good ideas, but not nearly enough time was available to explore them in. It was a good enough Doctor Who episode, but Matt deserved a better send off I thought.
    The BBC, in my opinion at least, could have made it a two hour special or even an hour and a half. It wouldn't be an unreasonable request due to all the hype and excitement the 50th anniversary generated around Doctor Who.

    But having said all that, I still enjoyed it, and am looking forward to seeing Capaldi's Who. 
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  • I feel that they should have done Matt Smith's the same as David Tennant's and did it reunion style where everyone came together one last time to see him off.  But, Tennant's would have been different anyway because we were seeing the last of Russell T. Davies' writing for Doctor Who and Tennant's Doctor.  They wanted to go out big, and they did.

    We'll still see plenty of Moffat. I thought Time of the Doctor was disjointed and had no real direction. 

    @Oakspoor congrats on your 50th!  I myself started watching Doctor Who in about 1979 and mostly saw Tom Baker's Doctor.  I remember the Jelly Babies, and K9 and Sarah Jane.  I was 6, so I don't remember as much as you probably do as you probably saw more than I did, so maybe that's why I am so accepting of the new episodes.  But, being there's such a gap between then and now, I don't think they have done too horribly at resurrecting the series.  Granted, they sure haven't all been gems.  But, there have been other series/characters that they try to bring back, and with really catastrophic results.(Like the casting of Ving Rhames as Kojak comes to mind.  I mean, WTH?)

  • Am I the only one who thinks Capaldi looks like an older Tennant?
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