Looking Back on 2013 and Forward to 2014 from the Geek/Nerd Perspective

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Hi there.

I was wondering: how was 2013 for you personally from a geeky and nerdy perspective? What happened to you and in the world that got you excited or annoyed?
And what do you hope and fear for 2014?



  • 2013 was the year I feel I really accepted being a geek more than ever. I published by book Murloc Soup for the Geek Soul (http://littlegeeklost.com/murlocsoup ) and shared it around (and sold a decent amount). I also started some vlogging, did a podcast interview, went to Blizzcon (my first convention) and just overall have a sense of I'm ok with being a geek. Personally (home-wise) it was a really rough year and I had to deal with a lot. But I feel it's ending on an ok note.

    I look forward to 2014 being even more geeky, starting my pod, using my website more (http://littlegeeklost.com) and just overall increasing my web presence and trying to make a name for myself.
  • I can't really think of anything notable about 2013.  No particularly awesome new tv shows (some decent ones, but nothing that blew me away), didn't read much, computer gaming (my main 'geek' interest) was pretty mediocre, at least for the types of game I prefer.  And I never do anything so nothing happened to me :p

    I guess I got my first smartphone this year (just a few weeks ago), but I'm not sure that really counts given that a) they're so very widespread and b) I barely use it, so not really geeking out with/about it.

    2014's looking pretty cool on the computer games front though.  We've got Wasteland 2, Divinity: Original Sin, and Project Eternity (sorry, Pillars of Eternity) all due.  So, 2014's looking good for old school(ish) CRPGs and related genres that never really get made anymore. Technically Tides of Numenera was announced with 2014 delivery too, but that was Dec 2014 so I expect it'll be mid-2015 in reality.  

    Plus, Age of Wonders 3 is fast approaching - it's probably my favourite turn based strategy series, so I have high hopes for that one.  And assorted other games on the horizon that look pretty good, like Rimworld, Maia, Grim Dawn, Novus Aeterno (I've always liked the idea of an MMORTS, but nobody's really done it well yet), and maybe Peter Molyneux won't completely balls up Godus.

    Outside of gaming, uh, I dunno.  I suppose there's Peter Capaldi playing the Doctor?  That's going to be in 2014, right?  And Utopia's second series might air next year.  Actually now I think (and google) about it, the first series was this year, so chalk that up as a 2013 highlight.

    On a personal level I expect to continue to do very little and have very little happen to me.

    I dunno, there's probably just a bunch of stuff I forgot for both years.
  • 2013 has been a fantastic year for me. My romantic life (with another geek) has been wonderful, plus we have played more board games and attended more conventions than before, with a good dose of cosplay thrown in as well. I've also dipped my toe in the water of modern website design (using a programmable framework, rather than plain ol' HTML which is how I wrote web pages back in the early 2000's), so that's been challenging too.

    And then of course there's been this community, which has been a friendly place to hang my hat and have discussions about almost anything. And a big thank you to @feliciaday for all the content she and her team make, and also for trusting me enough to be one of the community moderators here.
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  • Good topic, now let's see..

    This year I managed to find my way to the guild just a few months ago, watched all seasons in about a week time, signed up with these forums and have been watching more and more of Geek and sundry shows.

    Everything of co-optitude since its my favorite show, pretty much all of the flog, some table top and nika harper, and am still slowly checking out more and more stuff.

    Also found dr horrible's sing along blog, all this because I finally caved and clicked the video of "do you wanna date my avatar" on youtube after seeing it pop up at the side so many times, and realising there was a show to go with it! (which I started watching after watching the other two guild songs as well.)

    Moving a bit further back, this is also the year I really started into collecting older movies, trying to get all the classics.

    This year I aquired and watched for the very first time:
    -The Kid.
    -The Gold Rush.
    -City Lights.
    -A woman of Paris.
    -The Circus.
    -Modern Times.
    -The Great Dictator.
    -Citizen Kane.
    -12 Angry men.
    -Doctor Strangelove.
    -Blazing Saddles.
    -The 300 Spartans.
    -Rob Roy.

    And some I aquired but already had seen before:
    -Young Frankenstein.
    -A clockwork Orange.

    Already made a neat christmas list for more great old movies to watch.. when I was younger I didnt see the appeal of the old movies yet, but as I am growing a bit more mature (28 now) I really discovered a wealth of amazing movies there.. so much to watch still.

    As for games.. its been a poor year. Really looked forward to rome 2 total war and thought it would be a great game, right untill I launched it and it was very buggy, lacked immersion and well.. I just regret the purchase.

    However I did very much enjoy Injustice: gods amongst us and GTA V.
    Furthermore just been playing games I already had and bought a few games cheap on GOG.
    Mostly played the old republic, Neverwinter Nights and had a blast with Rainbow six: vegas 2 in co-op.
    Not really a shooter fan but I love how great that game works despite it being old. I'd choose it over halo, battlefield and call of duty any day.

    Moving on to what I expect for 2014...

    Hopefully more fun content for the old republic.. new races and chat bubbles!
    I'll be getting even more classic old movies for sure.. maybe it will be the year I'll get my hands on "A night at the opera" and "A day at the races" Been wanting to watch those marx brothers movies very much.

    Right now theres not a single game I am looking forward to at all, but that might change as more stuff gets announced.. or I find out about stuff thats been announced but am not aware of yet!

    As for game announcements I am hoping for:
    -price drop for the PS4.
    -games announced for PS4 that I really really want to play.
    -Elder Scrolls 6. (hoping for hammerfell or summerset isles.. or both!)
    -EA going bankrupt. (with all those great licenses leaving their grubby hands and finding better owners.)
    -Mortal Kombat 10.
    -New Rockstar game.
    -Gladius HD version.
    -Some rerelease of the movies + stunts and effects that works on my computer.
    -Any kind of historical or fantasy RTS like age of empires or such getting announced/released.
    -Announcement of a new total war game on a new engine that restores my faith in the series.

    Sorry to ramble.

  • @cyannide, @Biowraith, @Molokov, @Rhalius: thanks for sharing. I do my bit as well - probably tomorrow.

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    For me 2013 was a tops year for it was in June of this yr that I stumbled upon Geek & Sundry. Can't get much better or more exciting than that. Below are a few more notable moments of mine for 2013:
    1) I was sad to see the termination of the Flog (be it temp. or perm.) but this was more than offset by' the coming of the age of Co-Optitude'. Love that show.
    2) The rise of the Vloggers was another welcome addition to the G&S show list and has made many a people happy - including me.
          In terms of the outside world:
    3) I was sad to see G4 axe AOTS, although technically this happened last year, but it didn't finish airing until Jan 2013. This was a TV show tailor made for geeks and nerds.
    4) Against all odds myself and some mates managed to hold a monthly Company if Heroes (COH) LAN party (only geeks allowed) all through 2013. Trust me it ain't easy getting everyone free at the same time.
    5) And finally, not sure if this is geek related but I cheered on 2 people as they conquered the 'Ultimate Cliffhanger' on Ninja Warrior (Sasuke). And everyone said it couldn't be done. Yuuji Urushihara then went on to climb Mt Midoryama for a 2nd time (Not bad for a shoe salesman). For anyone who's interested here's a video.

  • Hey and @Africanus maybe you'll be able to join my group City of Small Gods at one of our upcoming Games days? Next one is January 19 and we'll probably run an International TableTop Day event in March too.
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  • Don't worry @Molokov I've made a note in my diary regarding Jan 19. The only problem is i wont know until 2 days beforehand if I will be able to make it. Is that enough time to let you know or do you require more?
    I've also been thinking about City of Small Gods, and whether I should join. The only thing is I haven't read any of Terry Pratchett's books. Can you recommend where I should start?
    And finally the ITT Day sounds great. It would be appreciated if you could keep me updated in regards to this.
    (insert smiley face here)
  • @Africanus For the games day, just show up if you can, no need to RSVP. For Pratchett, see this thread for my recommendations.
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  • 2013, huh? Also known as "the year in which I joined the Geek and Sundry forums and finally stopped worrying about everything." ;)

    TV-wise, it's been the Year of the Doctor (hah, Moffat, I can name like you!) which finally let me stumble into that wonderful world of blue boxes, fezzes and immortal Captains (and crying like hell, thanks a lot...). I am SO looking forward to Peter Capaldi - he's gonna be awesome.
    Other than that, I watched a lot of Downton Abbey (that show needs more geek-cred, seriously)

    I also got back to playing table top games more often, and thoroughly enjoyed "Pandemic". Thank you Wil Wheaton!

    Also thank you Nika Harper, without your blog I wouldn't write anything. You gave me motivation and inspiration.

    And of course thank you @feliciaday for inventing Geek & Sundry and for being awesome in Co-Optitude. May it continue forever, there are TONS of crazy games out there!

    My hopes/expectations for 2014 (apart from Peter Capaldi):
    - A great season ten of Buffy the Vampire Slayer (though I still haven't finished nine, shame on me), maybe even another Willow spin off? (and I still want a Tara guest appearance!!!!)
    - The "Geeking Out" episode on Torchwood (and the one on the Buffy comics)
    - A budget increase so I can read more comics and watch more TV series
    - Netflix finally manages to come to Germany (yeah, that dream will never come true *sigh*)
    - A Geek&Sundry forum that stays alive and kicking even when the "frequent posters" are on holidays
    - George Takei decides to run for President (I know, too early, but he's just so great)

    Probably forgot most of what I wanted to say while I was writing this post.
    I sometimes tweet: V_Arakawa (in several languages)

    Author Thread: Kouri

    I also have a blog: Arakawa Fiction
  • HMMMMM - 2013....

    Well, I finally joined and started talking on Geek and Sundry. I have met more than a few people on here, not easy to do when you are on the East Coast!  I visited my first Comic-Con.  I spent mucho time in the G&S Party area...  I got into the Catan Tourney with a chance to play against a person I admire, Mr Wil Wheaton!  I actually got there and played against the TableTop king!  And I can say that I GOT BEAT by him!  I was happy to see the new vloggers.  There were a few new ones that got my interest quickly.  I want to thank Felicia and all of the others behind the scenes that hold this all together and make it such an awesome place!


    Going to Comic-Con #2!  Hope to actually meet up and do some stuff this year with some of you!  I AM HOPEFUL that there will be another TableTop tourney of some type....  Maybe get the chance for retribution!  No butterflies this time!  Straight up focus!  Maybe, I can find some more Geeks on my side of the country or maybe find a few on XBox 360 that will play some games!  I do have Ticket to Ride and Catan ready to go!  WHERE are all the Xbox gamers???

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