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This announcement is meant specifically for anyone who has recently found themselves unable to post recently due to receiving the message above. In the last few week Microsoft have continued to foist IE 11 upon all users of Windows 7, and apparently their quality assurance testing for the rollout was slightly flawed.

If you have been unable to post because of the message above, you can get round the problem by clicking on the icon at the end of the comments tool bar. (It looks like a white page with a pair of <> symbols inside.) After this you can enter text and post normally, although you will lose access to thing like bold, italics and underlining in the short term.

I have flagged this message for the attention of @Kim,* on the off chance their may be a fix on the G&S end, but it does seem far more likely we will need to wait for Microsoft to patch IE11. Sorry for any inconvenience this causes with your G&S interactions.

(* Essentially the system refuses to identify anything you type in the comment box, even if you copy/paste it in from elsewhere. As well as the simple fix detailed above, disabling active scripting in your browser also allows you to post, so the problem may be Java related.  I found this post on the Vanilla Forums that seems to reference the same issue, although it refers to the need to press the write comment tab, not the show source tab to solve, so I may be mistaken.)


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    @alanalmeria, I linked this thread to the Forum Bugs thread in case someone goes there looking for info on this issue.
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  • The other solution, of course, is to use a better browser :p

    Just saying: Firefox, Chrome and Opera are all free...
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