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Pretty sure you guys have plenty of ideas of your own, but I'm just throwing some suggestions out there for stuff to do. Probably up for anyone to use who likes to, personly I dont have any charisma to be on a webshow or series of any kind. 

Anyways, my ideas at the moment: (more will surely follow.)

-Real world specialists playing videogames or parts of it focusing on their expertise.

I kind of got this idea from watching the Flog. We see Felicia blacksmithing and doing other stuff, and this made me curious about what the blacksmith's thoughts would be when playing Skyrim. And this can be done for so many things. Like getting a modern expert of making armors to look at the typical ingame armors of some games, and point out how ineffective such an armor would be in real life. Or getting an architect to play simcity, a racer to play mario kart, a director to play the movies, a cop to play a game where you are a cop, etc.

At the start of the show the guest could be introduced and tell a little bit about themselves, then they can play the game a bit under the guidance of the host while giving their thoughts on the subject matter. And in conclusion they could talk with the host about what they'd think the videogame is doing wrong with the portrayal, and give their suggestions on how to improve it. Or perhaps they are perfectly fine with the portrayal of their occupation.

Naturally this shouldnt be about games that are pretty much simulators such as standard race and sports games... that wouldnt be much fun.


-Interviews with roleplayers.

This could cover any kind of roleplaying wether it be with a board game, LARPing or online roleplaying.

It's a rather interesting concept after all, and there isnt much understanding for it. In a way Roleplayers are actor, director and writer all in one, having just that single character to controll and putting them in a world to interact with other players their characters who did the same.

There could be some standard questions to ask: how long have you roleplayed this character? explain the creation of the character? why do you prefer to play this kind of character? What other characters do you roleplay? what are your goals with roleplaying?

And during the show, there could also be a short interview with the featured character as well, within their world. Which means logging into the game they exist in, the person dressing up in their costume and get in character, and the person speaking for their character if its Pen and Paper or such.

During this part of the show, these characters could just be asked questions as if they are real people. Like what is their favorite food, what are their goals, what was their childhood like, etc.

All kinds of roleplayers could be covered in this show, from different settings and backgrounds. Like showing a girl who roleplays a guy character and a guy who roleplays a girl character. Hearing their motivations behind it can be interesting. I met both kinds myself many times and heard many different stories. Personly I have roleplayed both men and women, I don't see myself as the character but as their writer.

It could close with the interviewed roleplayer giving a tip for roleplaying.

-Webseries featuring a group of D&D players and their ingame characters as seperate persons.

The series would constantly switch between the people playing the game, and the ingame world where everything is happening.

Silly decisions made by the game master would be seen affecting the people in the game, there could be some real life issues but also ingame issues when the game is not being played. The characters could still be living in their world when the game is not played, if the game was put on hold in a dark dungeon, the characters would be spending their time in there.

There could also be some subtle bridges between both worlds, such as a person dreaming about their own character, seeing them in the mirror or something like that. Could be pretty fun to see someone dream about their own character pulling them off their bed and being mad at them because of the backstory they where given. (dead parents, village burned to the ground, eternal quest for revenge and all that.)

The series could both show the fun of D&D, the crazyness of some character cliche's when you think them through and also the fun of LARPing.

-War gaming show.

This could be about any kind of war games. Both the familiar and unfamiliar. Warhammer... and all those others I dont know much about. Not into wargaming myself, but would love to learn more about the subject. I understand there are many kinds. Even heard Playmobil is used for it.


-Games and movies.

For each episode, a movie could be singled out and videogame logic could be applied to it.

Fellowship of the ring: quest through moria failed. mage down, no loot. Noob pulled a mob.

The two towers: gandalf got a res, legolas uses cheats, treebeard is overencumbered, movement speed decreased.

Platoon: Noob starts game, fails at tutorial, levels up and becomes awesome. Gains paragorn and renegade points along the way.

Typical james bond movie: easy mode, aim assist used. Bond shoots three times with pistol and kills three bad guys while bad guys shoot with machineguns and hit nothing. Poor AI.

Duck Soup: Dialogue wheel is shown during the marx brothers their conversations. They never pick the sensible dialogue option.

Star Wars IV: Obi-wan gets killed by lag, Luke is looking for group at the cantina, R2-D2 gets a crazy complicated minigame popping up when trying to shut the garbage disposal down.

And I could go on about many more examples.. could be a rather short segment with a host saying something before and afterwards, and bits of the movie being shown with UI elements added to it and "ingame" information added with whats shown in the clips. While remaining respectfull to the movies, just poking innocent fun at them. Shouldnt be about trashing movies, thats just mean.


  • Not that there is anything wrong with Spellslingers, but next season could be done in a tournament format. Sean could be centered at table and describe the game the way he does now.. He would also get to trash talk to both players on every turn. His trash talk makes the show fun and this would make twice as much of it. This would also tie together all the episodes. For new viewers that realize there watching the middle of a tourney would have more incentive to watch past episodes. It would also give regular viewers more anticipation to watch the next episode.
  • I love the Spellslingers format, tournament is an interesting idea but personally I think just adding in double headed giant games would be amasing, and maybe extended sealed deck build and play episodes where both get 6 booster packs and have to build their deck prior to the game with the normal vid being the game and the extended being discussion of the good/rubbish catds obtained.

    Also me on a show, I'd love to see me on a show. ;-)
  • I actually had an idea for a tv series type thing centered around larping called '2 Normal'
     Bunch of popular college kids, including one girl, our protagonist, decide to spend a weekend larping as a joke, cheap camping, and excuse to beat on nerds. Then, accidentally, our hero ends up enjoying herself and decides to return to events in secret.
  • All good ideas, nice to see ideas getting tossed around! hopefully the G&S staff will notice!

    Here's another idea.

    -Write a scene for Felicia.

    Aspiring writers write a scene and send it in. Roles of involved characters get described for this of course, and it should be something that can just be done in an easy to find location such as a house, a street, a forest, etc. Need to keep in mind that it would be done on a minimum budget.

    Felicia gets to take her pick of what scene she wants to play for each episode, allowing her to gain experience in a great variety of roles she may not be cast for usually, and allows the aspiring writers to get some credit as well.

    She could assemble a small team of fellow actors around her for this show, allowing the writers to not only write a part specific for Felicia, but also for the others involved.

    Naturally, some boundaries and rules would need to be set up for submissions, and of course it would eventually be up to Felicia and the rest of the people she wants to do this with which scene will be done, so it wont ever be anything they arent comforteable with.

    The scene would need to be something that can stand on its own, since its just a single scene.

  • Those would be pretty cool, I used to do LRP but stopped when it became too expensive for me, then most of my costumes were ruined beyond repair and so have never gotten back into it.   We used to have a nice big festival LRP called Maelstrom over in the UK run by Profound Decisions.   They were amasing player led plot events with a colonial fantasy setting.   Anything where the G&S guys took a look into aspects of LRP would be fun to watch i think, be it the making of kit, the fights or even discussion of ideas for plots and systems.
  • Here's another idea for geek and sundry.. improvised sketch comedies.

    A setting is used for this, and every person involved just has a basic description of their role and can do whatever they want with it.
    Each episode would feature a different setting, giving lots to work with and it could be done on a very low budget, using whatever setting is available.

    A backyard, a living room, an office, a forest, a beach.. I'm sure there would be plenty of locations to use for free. Improvise with that just as much as with the roles I'd say!

    With the backyard for example, it could feature a gardener, the couple who lives in the house and a neighbour who comminucates from the other side of the fence.
    With that basic premise, the actors could go wild.

    Is the gardener doing a good job or is he just messing around? is he working at all? does anyone have an affair with the gardener? Is he just quietly doing crazy things in the background or is he constantly butting in and giving his opinion about anything the married couple are talking about?

    What about the married couple? are they happy? or do they keep accusing each other of the silliest things? do they have weird jobs? do they appreciate the gardener's work? Or are they so sweet to each other that its sickening?

    And what about the neighbour? is she friendly? or is there a whole feud going on? does she keep borrowing things without returning them?

    It simply requires at least two people who can play off each other pretty well, and some good imagination.

  • @Rhalius... so sort of a cut-down Who's Line Is It Anyway?
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  • I don't know that show, so I'll just assume it would be.
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    Whose Line Is It Anyway? is/was a long running British and American show (two different versions) where guests & regulars essentially play improvisation theatre sports games. There's more than likely highlight clips of both versions on YouTube :D

    Here's one, for example:

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    You know, I thought about curing Cancer, but there would still be eleven other horoscopes to plague us, so why even bother? - Farlander
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