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Hey gang - so I'm sure there are Guildies out there like me, who adore these characters for their charming interactions, endearing sense of 'found family', as well as their always quotable quips. After the wrap of S5, some fans might wonder where to get a further dose of The Guild. Well, for those who may not know, Felicia has worked on some fantastic comics, that further enrich the characters and world of this series :)

If I were a more normal person, I'd maybe write a smart insightful review, noting the many virtues of these comics. But instead, I figured I'd line up the Comic Books in front of a purple curtain, hastily tape some weird cut-out commentary notes onto them, take a photo, and let the lovely cover art entice fans into investigating further. Have a click, take a look, and for those who haven't read these yet, I'm crossing my fingers that you check them out!

For those who have read them, hopefully you enjoyed them as much as I did!



  • I'll happily second the recommendation to read these, I've collected them as they came out and it leaves you waiting for more every time. The latest Fawkes was my favorite so far.
  • Thanks for the reminder, Torontogal! I have the 1st compilation volume, hadn't picked up the second one yet. The only one missing from the 2nd volume is the Fawkes comic, right?
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  • I'm half way through reading the second compilation volume, it's really good! And yes, I think the only one missing is the Fawkes comic.
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    @Scarlett, yep, the Fawkes one-shot is new enough that it's not part of the second volume.  Which makes sense, as the second volume is entitled 'Knights of Good', and Fawkes is more a Knave of Hooliganism ;)
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    I thought the back cover of the newest trade was simply breathtaking.

    Ahem. ;) LOL
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  • Thanks @Torontogal and @LadyKarenB! Shame the 2nd compilation isn't on sale at Amazon, unless I missed it somewhere. Definitely have to pick it up though, the 1st one was tops!
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  • @Scarlett  It is there, according to my shopping cart! ;D  They had the first local, had to go online for the second.
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  • Sweet, thanks @Tacamam! <3
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  • I'll further the recommendation. The graphic novels are a great companion to the series.

    The first one isn't very comical, which is a good thing. Its insightful writing, and not as hokey as the series. Even if you don't read comics, any Guild fan would love it.
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  • May I comment on the actual content? *SPOILERS!* 

    I don't read a lot of comics (well, I'm new to the world of comics and do plan to read more!) 
    Read almost all of The Guild comics (still have Fawkes and Bladezz) 
    and I wanted to say that my fave's were Codex's. I was surprised by the psychiatrist meetings which I didn't think could be represented through a comic's format but were my favorite pages. 
    I also loved the back story with the boyfriend and actually wished for a moment a rock-classic music combination from Felicia! [Maybe in future Flog episode? :)] 

    Clara's one shot had the funniest lines! and I loved that it explained a little more about her relationship with her husband because I felt it was kinda needed. Same goes with everyone actually, it's good to have more of their background and how it led them to be the characters we know on the show. 

    Kinda wish this post would've been more insightful and I thought it would when I've started writing it. lol. ><

  • Totally appreciate your comments, @Ayelet! I really enjoyed the 1st compilation and knowing that the 2nd helps flesh out the characters so much makes me VERY intrigued to give it a read. :)
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    The first comic where codex first discovers the game is my favorite.  Its serious and honest and makes a great bookend for the season 5 finale.
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  • @TorontoGal You have the same ideas as me.... I mean I have both trade issues and both the Fawkes variants as well, but do you have the free comic book day one? Its called The Guild beach'd. Now which of those books have signatures in them? "since we always run into each other online" Both my trade issues have the full cast and the variant Fawkes is singed by Will and Felicia, kinda made it my quest during comic con to get them singed. the only bad part about trade issues is that they are a pain to keep nice over time, were the comics I just put in a 4mm mylar sleeve.
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  • I got the first trade ages ago, and yep, it was great to see a bit more backstory to Cyd/Codex. Having just rewatched all 5 seasons, the comics add even more because there was stuff mentioned in the series that they incorporated into the comic in a brilliant way!

    I was lucky enough to get the Bladezz, Vork and Tink issues as part of my G&S prize pack from the subscribathon (amongst other Guild goodies), and I just bought Zaboo, Clara & Fawkes a few weeks ago... hence leading into making a Fawkes costume for an upcoming convention :)
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    @Steven - alas, none of my comics have any signatures within them!  That's so cool that you got the full cast to sign your copies.  Also, I think I'll be eternally envious of the fact that you actually danced with Joss Whedon and Felicia Day at the G&S offsite!  Firstly, that's epic company to be dancing with, and more so than that, if it were me I'd probably be curled up in the fetal position in the corner, out of sheer shyness - so I send many kudos to you for actually getting funky with two of the coolest role-models out there!

    On a sidenote, I don't have a copy of the free comic book day one-shot - but I think I'll definitely do some digging to try and snag a copy - thanks for the reminder! :)
  • The link to the comics posted in the new season recaps videos has me a little confused.

    I definitely would like to buy the comics, but don't want duplicates... could someone post a list of each of the compilations (I saw that @Tacamam linked #2) or anything else that isn't included?

    Are there just 2 compilations (incl. the Tink, Bladezz, etc.) plus 1 Fawkes single? Thanks!

  • @Xederya I think that's right.

    The first Trade paperback has the Codex issues, plus a few bits of extra artwork.
    The second Trade has Vork, Zaboo, Clara, Tink and Bladezz, plus the 'Day at the Beach' story from Free Comic Book 2012 (correct me if I'm wrong people!)
    The only other release beyond that is Fawkes.

    (I have the first TPB and the rest as single issues, and I read the 'Day at the Beach' via Dark Horse online)
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  • @torontogal - That's what I thought before I went to my first con, I'll never dance on the same dance floor with Felicia Day, I don't really dance when there's just strangers and friends on the floor but my unhealthy solution was alcohol. :D Also, awesome con people that makes you feel right at home even though you've only met them 5 min ago. :P

  •  I discovered that free comic book day is in may, so I decided I wanted to read the review now anyway. And I like it a lot. Not loving, but definitly liking. And since it will be free, I am not complaining. Specially since Jeanty seems to have gotten really good at drawing Spike.

    I'm suprised at how open I am so silly creatures after season 8. So bring on this vampire-space-bug!

    A part of me actually wishes this won't just be a fun adventure though. Spike lived with these creatures, so some sadness over it's death would be nice, somewhere in the issue. Which we should have seen, when Spike scolded them for bringing Irene home.
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