Future plans for the guild?

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I'd gues pretty much everyone would love to see more of the guild, but its important that the series remains as relevant as it was in the past six seasons.


If they do make a seventh season though, I'd advice to move a few years ahead to accomodate the aging of the younger cast members. This would also open up many opportunities that wouldnt be possible when not making a time jump. Here's a few plotlines I could suggest along with it.

-The game could close down.

Eventually, each MMO does seem to close down so perhaps this news could be an issue at the start of the season? What will they do when their common interest ceases to exist? As they work this out, some could stop playing the game because they'd feel it would be for nothing, their avatar and everything will be gone after all. Others might want to stay on the game till the very end.

-The game 2 gets released.

This could work along with the above mentioned scenario, allowing them to continue playing together with the new game. Some could be reluctant and think the old game was better, others could embrace the change. They'd have to start all over again as noobs though, which could bring a lot of fun moments as well. They could expect Codex to have all the answers about the new game, but she couldnt be aware of all the features since some stuff could end up in the game that she wasnt aware of.

-Vork found the right job for him.

With Vork now living together or being married, he could have found a job that fits him like a glove. (and he could tell the others about the job interviews he had before finding that job and be clueless about why others didnt hire him.)  Perhaps he could work as a budget coach, accountant, broker, or other job where his penny pinching really pays off.

(I just googled Vork, its hillarious to me that there actually is a bussiness called Vork & Partners who are accountants and tax advisors. Could also be good to know in case of legal issues when developing a plotline along this route.)

-Codex works on a sequel to the game.

Working on the sequel could be a lot of stress, and it could allow Felicia to channel her own experiences with following up on something succesfull. I don't think her position in the company should be too high on the ladder, since that might alienate her from the viewers. Her problems should remain relateable after all. She could have a lot of work to do, and could struggle to find the way to speak up about it and get more time for herself. She could then be put on testing the sequel all day long, and this could cause her to either become truly obsessed with the game to the point that even Zaboo says she should cut back on her playtime, or she could grow to dislike the thing she used to love so much due to overkill.

-Beta testing the sequel together.

Seems like a no brainer that if Codex would be involved in making a sequel to the game, she'd ensure her friends get into the beta. Perhaps there could be a plotline where she has to convince her boss for this. (he hates Vork after all.) but in the end it could be reasoned that a nit picker such as Vork could point out all the stuff people might object to before the game is even released.  Everyone could have their own beefs with the new game, and could expect Codex to see to it that whatever they want gets into the game, again something where she'd need to establish boundaries. Might actually allow for some nice parralels of what people have expected Felicia to do with her work.

-Zaboo finds a girlfriend who is like his mother.

Zaboo could be completely oblivious to this, and it could be up to Codex to try and make Zaboo see that his new hot girlfriend is just as controlling and obsessive as his mother. She could either get along perfectly with his mother or dislike her for wanting to controll him as well.

-New issues for Clara's family life.

The oldest of her kids could want to play the game as well, Mr Wiggly's new career could have flourished. Clara herself could maybe get in trouble for one of her new videos getting in the news as negative instead of as awesome.

-Tink works in fasion design.

Tink could have a poorly paid job in fasion design, forced to make horrible designs instead of what she really wants, and her boss could be extremely nice no matter what she says, but still stick to whatever the boss wants to do, being immune to manipulation.  She could have been turned down by many other designers due to trying to boss them around, so really would need this job if she'd want to keep working in this field.

-Bladez under college pressure.

In college, Bladez could meet with a different guild, all of their age and of the same mindset. They could find his friends lame and under pressure Bladez could join this guild, only to find out its no fun being the rogue when everyone is the rogue. Everyone in the guild could literally be the rogue, it being a rogue only guild. Bladez could also miss his friends since they actually support him and are there for him, while his new guildies could mock him for his fasion career and such when finding out about it.

-A guildie could have been away for years.

Due to some reason, one of the guildies could have been out of the others life for some time. Maybe due to an arguement to someone, etc. When this guildie returns, others could talk to this one about what happened in the past years. That way it wouldnt be all awkward and the guildies telling each other what they would already know. (common movie mistake)


Aside from filming a new season, theres also other stuff to do with the guild.


-New song with music video.

All three songs so far where a succes, might be fun to make another one with the group? With gaming, theres so many things to make a song about.

Cosplay seems like a good subject. People mock it, yet those same people might be dressing up in similar fasion when attending a sports game. Could be interesting to have the music video fade over into that back and forth to show parallels.

A more classical song with a steampunk style video could also be neat, could give Clara a larger role. Felicia could play her violin in this! The cast could maybe waltz, tango or perform a bit of another classical dance here in their steampunk outfits.



Could be neat to have an indie RPG featuring our six heroes their alter egos, and being voiced by them. Could be a hack and slash game, with each of them having abilities that are a mix between their combat roles and a bit of their personality thrown in as well.  Like Vork getting a discount at stores and being able to carry more gold, Tink being able to manipulate NPC's in dialogue, etc.


I'd gues I'd be able to come up with more if given some more time, just my first thoughts though. Only started watching the guild a week ago and watched through it all through the week. It really had me hooked!


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    Hi @Rhalius, you raise some interesting points, and its kind of interesting because about 6 months ago I was right were you are and desperate for some season 7. Now I'm not so sure it would be a good idea. The bookending of the series worked so well, that I worry that moving on after that ending would be a mistake.

    You make some interesting suggestions about what the Guildies may be doing now, but again I worry that drawing away from the game, risks the show becoming too TV sitcom like, and that would be a terrible fate for the greatest show of all time.

    I do however have no doubts about wanting something new and Guild related, so the idea of another medium is a fantastic idea. I love the possibility of exploring inside the game, and I may have a secret project along that line myself :-)

    In case you don't know theirs actually a free to play, browser based, MMO that is currently releasing some official Guild related content, I haven't tried it personally and I'm not sure if the Guild stuff is premium content or hard to get, but it may be worth looking at if you are into that sort of thing.

    Here's a couple of links to the DOD patch forums if you want to check it out:

    Guild in DOD July & Guild in DOD Sept

    The idea of a Felicia scripted JRPG type game would be fantastic, and something I would buy in a heartbeat. Final Fantasy The Guild perhaps.

    I also wonder if they could make an animated series set inside the game. Originally I would have thought it too expensive/time consuming, but if nothing else Outlands proved that you can put out animated material through the G&S model.

    Another music video would be utterly awesome, sadly Felicia got a lot of abuse for her last major music video in the Flog, and in general they seem to asshole magnets for that part of the YT community. 

    Also Felicia has mentioned several times that she would like to write a book someday, so maybe she could write an epic Guild novel. On the other hand I'm not entirely sure the world is ready for Vork based sexy times, although a Hawaii based spin off would be nice :-)

    Anyway that's just a few of my random thoughts, and its great that even with all the shiny new content on G&S, the Guild keeps capturing the hearts and minds of the masses :-)    

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    Thanks for the reply,

    After reading around  a bit more about the guild, it does seem that six was intended as the final season, and I can respect Felicia wanting to end it on a high note.

    They just make a great team together, would be a shame to not see them do more stuff together. Doing voicework together would be a great thing too. And maybe sing one last song together.

    Felicia does have a beautifull voice after all, I'd gues the only part I'd disagree about would be that beautifull voice being changed by computer for a short bit in the "I'm the one thats cool" song. Still an awesome song and touching music video along with it by the way. I love it.

    I havent seen that flog episode yet, but even if she'd somehow sing poorly it would still be no reason to be mean about it. I just don't get why so many people need to visit videos just to post nasty comments to feel better about themselves.

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    No problem, probably the saddest thing about these wonderful forums, is how sparse activity is on the Guild board. So I always like to keep an eye out for new posts.

    The good news is that with Felicia going out of her way to retain complete control/copyright, Guild based material could appear at anytime, and she has hinted that the something Guild based will rear its head at some point in the future. Of course the various Guildies pop up regularly on other G&S shows, and both Jeff and Sandeep have their own web shows featuring Guildie guest stars.

    Re the music video and the troll incident, it has nothing to do with Felicia and her singing and everything to do with her being female and gaming. Apparently that a vast affront to a bunch of mentally closeted individuals, primarily from a web site that I will elect not to mention here for fear of defiling my keyboard.

    Finally, to close with a link, because that's what I do :-), here some intelligent comments from Wil and Felicia about the nature of YouTube Trolls. (There's also a nice slip of the tongue from Felicia.)

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  • thanks for the link, already saw it though and they do give good comments about it. I really hope that they won't let it get to them too much. But I gues that if a hundred people say they love what you do and one person says they hate you, that one negative opinion lingers more in your thoughts.

    But personly I have yet to see any such haters make valid critisism on Felicia Day. Just ignorant statements.

    As for the gamer girl thing, to me that does not seem to be the focus of that song. To me it seems more about going against prejudice. Choosing examples that come natural makes sense here.

    But to go further about the gamer girls thing, I do feel that it deserves some attention, and Felicia is raising awareness enough about the subject without it being forced in any way. I mean, just look at female roles in videogames. Women ARE neglected here, and I feel that game developers need to be more aware of the amount of women that game. It's not a guy thing.

    I'd say she's not a crusader for that cause, but simply inspiring through example. She spends a lot of time with us through her many videos and shows, so we see who she is. And being a gamer happens to be a part of that.




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    @Rhalius - welcome to the forums!  As @AlanAlmeria said, it's always lovely to see new fans find their way to The Guild, and I enjoyed reading your cool 'what if' scenarios for the characters :)

    On the topic of the gamer girl video, you can read some of the unpleasant history over in this thread.  That original incident was quite disheartening as it was an influx of hundreds of the most derogatory comments possible, pouring in from a specific site.  As you pointed out, most of the attackers didn't seem particularly familiar with Felicia's background, or her work, etc - it was simply an ugly knee-jerk attack based on the use of the term 'gamer girl'.  That site is notorious for similar incidents.

    The bright side is that Felicia managed to take that unpleasant experience and used it as the underlying theme of Season 6 - I ramble about that in quite a bit of depth over here :)

    I think you hit the nail on the head, though - Felicia has always tried to simply be herself, and has used her actions and her example as a quiet way to advocate for the spectrum of gamers.  She talks about that quite eloquently over in this vid.
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    Thanks for that vid, I watched the entire Q&A and it was nice.

    Haven't watched tabletop yet but now she got me interested in checking it out too.

    It's just great how down to earth she is, really giving the idea like she's your friend. On equal ground, personal.

    But to go back to the original topic:

    What if another web series about gamers is developed through geek and sundry? With a different cast, but allowing for guest appearances of the main cast. Felicia could be as involved in it as she'd want to, sharing her expertise with it, contacting the right crew for it, and co-writing the parts that involve guest appearances of herself or other people from the guild series.

    Naturally it shouldnt be a knock off of the guild, trying to copy it. The problems that come up could be different, and the entire show could be quite different.

    Personly, I'd suggest it being about a guild again, maybe they play the same game. But they would not meet each other in person even while some may know each other!  In time this could happen, but the original premise could be to show how different people can be online compared to offline.

    Someone who is their trusted guildie ingame, could be their horrible boss in real life. A feeble old man could be a towering youthfull and muscular barbarian ingame. a shy and repressed girl in real life who barely dares to speak with a handsome guy could be an agressive bitch ingame. A closet gamer could be a real douchebag in real life, and be a fanatic gamer at home.

    It could actually be a fun background thing to have, a real douchebag who treats women as objects and is just a real allround jerk to women could start playing the game and make a female character just to have something to look at i game. But as he plays, he could somehow feel very defensive of this avatar when other guys treat her the same way he treats women!  And in time, he could really grow to respect women and apologize for his past behaviour.

    Probably not something for a main cast member, but something for a roommate, brother or such of one of the main cast.

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    First things first, you should definitely watch Tabletop as not only does the Divine One make multiple appearances herself, but Amy/Tink and Sandeep/Zaboo appear as well. Also Vince/Bladezz appears on the tabletop day live stream which oddly isn't part of the tabletop playlist.

    "She spends a lot of time with us through her many videos and shows, so we see who she is". "It's just great how down to earth she is, really giving the idea like she's your friend. On equal ground, personal."

    I love both of those sentiments, whilst Codex is a brilliant character, its the shows like Co-Optitude, the Flog, Vaginal Fantasy, and Felicia's Ark, that give us the chance to see Felicia as Felicia. I suspect the fact that she comes over as so real, and so naturally endearing and lovely, is the reason she has so many fans that love her so much. Anyone who watches even one episode of Co-Optitude and says she's not a real gamer is plainly insane, because her love of gaming shines through even when she's incredibly frustrated :-)

    Anyway having carried out my own thread derailment. One thing we do know is that Felicia continually hints that she's working on new scripted content in most of her interviews, and she's stated a desire to act more next year as well. Hopefully that means a new Felicia scripted/starring show is coming to the channel soon. However, with Caper and Spooked both being scripted. and starting in January, its highly unlikely we will see anything before the start of G&S year 3 in April.

    (Come to think of it, a new Felicia scripted show starring several of the Guildies would be a pretty good way of ringing the new season, and another influx of fans.)

    @Rhalius, I love your ideas for a Guild-esque show, but I think its very unlikely that Felicia would want to write a show similar to the Guild that isn't the Guild. Both to stretch her own writing muscles, and because it would inevitably be greeted by a storm of comparisons, which would likely end up being critical. The original continues to be loved by so many people, that another Guild based show would have a very steep curve to live up to.

    Still the best thing of all is that with the platform provided by YouTube and G&S, she has the time and resources she needs to create something that means special something to her, and then share it with this amazing community of people.

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    I was thinking more along the lines of someone else of geek and sundry writing this new show, giving Felicia more room to breathe and pitch in whenever she likes. I'd agree that if it where Felicia writing the entire thing, it should be about the guild or something completely different.

    It could even give her the chance to try and fool all of us with a cleverly disguised cameo, or try play all kinds of crazy side characters that could be a lot of fun to play as for a short time, but wouldnt be the kind of characters to focus a show on.  She'd be able to play the kind of characters that she may not usually be cast for in a movie or series.


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    I would really enjoy another story arc for Codex. Maybe with guest appearances by other guildies.
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  • If there is ever a 7th Season...  it would be more of a "Series 2" deal as Codex's storyline is completed & everything for the Knights of Good are resolved (save Zaboo's love life... but leaving a hopeless romantic is OK).

    We'd have to start with a practically a new cast of characters who live in the same world (so Codex & the gang can still make appearances from time-to-time), but with their own problems.  One quick option would be to explore Fawks story after the Axis of Anarchy disbanded (they did eventually disband after Season 3, right?) & go for a story of redemption.

    Otherwise, the start go with another extreme (as it's "Series 2"... it's safe to say "Anything Goes" here for a starting point) & see how things develop... always leaving options for the original cast to appear in there somewhere.

    That's just my 2 KB here.
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