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What's your favorite moment from The Guild?

Mine is possibly the slow walking scene at the party with the girls. Makes me laugh everytime. <3.
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  • Stan Lee being held captive by the Spartans was the first thought that came to my mind. But honestly soo many good moments.
  • Honestly, any scene with Vork in it is a favourite for me. Him and Clara are my fave characters! :)
  • I love the whole lot so much it's hard to choose but I think the part where we find out its Fawkes inside the dog costume would rate high on the list of favorites.
  • I'm embarassed by how many times I've watched the series... it's so hard to choose!!

    Probably any of Codex's reactions to Zaboo in the earlier seasons and all of Codex's webcams rank up there for me. My current favourite has to be seeing Clara at the table with all of the steampunk snobs - the goggles on Clara were too awesome and Robin just rocks that part!

  • There are far too many to count, and I don't want to play favorites with the kids. But the vlog opening of episode one, season one hooked me.

    "It's Friday night and still jobless. Yay. Haven't left the house in a week. My therapist uh broke up with me. Oh yeah! There's a gnome warlock in my living room, sleeping on my couch."

    Zaboo seeing the stunt guy. "Oh, those are abs!...Very clear he's been lifting mustard longer than I have."

    "My friend's had a lot to drink, and the other one's just...rude. ... You guys clearly don't have the social skills to make this work. ... I hate people!"

    The entire "Game On" vid.

    On and on.  Thoroughly and consistently entertaining and well-done show!
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    If it comes to a scene that brought me close to tears from laughing, it's gotta be one of Vork's monologues - I just can't decide on which.  There's 'cheese gouging', the explanation of why people form lines, the 'strange unfamiliar dog' that he'd save over Zaboo, etc.  I'm laughing just thinking about those!  Felicia's writing + the delivery from Jeff Lewis is a match made in heaven :)

    I'd switch gears though, and saw that amongst all the comedy, I also really love when The Guild goes to poignant places.  Through her portrayal of Codex, Felicia has delivered some really wistful, heart-breaking, well-acted moments, and those sort of scenes give the show a weight and a depth that I greatly adore.

    Wow, I managed to answer a very specific question, with a very floundering and haphazard answer.  And there's no character limit to rein me in.  This could get troublesome :)
  • I agree with Torontogal so much about the guild going to poignant places - the entire series is just so well written and acted.

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    Oh and not to spam but I forgot this line is one of my favourites and I tried to hint to a guy that I did NOT like him by quoting it to him after making him watch the Guild... He didn't get it

     'Women, can't live with them...they will not go out with me.'


  • Do you want to date my Avatar, Game On and the opening of the very first episode. Those are just the ones that jump to mind immediately. In all honesty I love every moment.
  • Oh bless, I love this thread already! Going to start a separate one strictly for quotes, but as for favorite moment, Zaboo and Codex storming Valkyrie's workplace (season 3) was so, so funny!
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  • It's hard to pick just one, but I was talking to someone the other day about the scene in the begining of season 1 where they all meet for the first time. That awkwardness of talking about real life with gamer friends and then once you start talking about the game everyone opens up. It's so funny to me because its true!

    Codex: "Isn't that illegal...?"

    Vork: "....what?"

    Cracks me up everytime. lol

  • Honestly, for me, it will ALWAYS be when Vork lays the cheese out on the table and, when prompted, gives an explanation about an absurdly small amount of savings. If I had to get more specific, "feel free to round up" is definitely the high point for me.
  • That moment where the fox turns out to be Fawkes.
    Apparently he reached "that" portion of his epicurean journey...
    "Yeah, I stole your sweet roll. What are you gonna do about it?"
    "Sweet Mother, sweet Mother-"
  • "Greetings, from the Axis of Anarchy...I just banged your mom."

    Loved season 3...the guild war was epic!  The whole series is just great.
  • I love the show, but getting to see the outtakes makes me happy. You get the see the people behind the characters for a moment. The sense of family on the set and how everyone just laughs when a mistake is made is heart warming.
  • My favorite scene must be the one in 407 where Codex confronts Fawkes and tells him he has to admit he likes her and wants to date her but he offers sex instead, than there's the all meta-meta talk and he kisses her with the breeze. 
    Such great writing-acting combination of a hard to perform scene (I mean TV shows usually fall into generic line writing at such confrontations) and this one is so funny, heart felt and get the job done. Just perfect. 
    Also one of my fave episodes. :) 
  • torontogaltorontogal Member, Moderator
    @Lizamarie - thanks for the kind reply to my posting :)  I also love that line from Vork - Jeff Lewis cracks me up!
  • If I had to chose one, Bruiser banging Bladezz's mom has to be it

  • The scene where Vork and Saboo sit in Vork's shack and Saboo asks him, what languages he does speak.
    I burst with laughter the first time i watched it, almost spilling cappuccino onto my keyboard.
    "ALL OF THEM!" xD

  • Probably in season 2 when Codex & Zaboo are being shown around Vork's house..

    Vork: "Grandpa passed away in that chair."

    Zaboo: "I can see why, man.. this' hella comfy."
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  • The steampunk balloon ride at Megagame-o-ramacon would rate up there IMO and the final webcam monologue of season 6.
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