Possible Season 6 Episode 1

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(this is also posted in the community creations forum)

So, I got really bored recently. I had watched every Guild related video on the G&S YouTube channel that I could find. I really just can't wait for Season 6 to come out! So, I decided that I would speed up the process myself. Completely knowing that I have absolutely no formal writing training (and possibly no ability), I decided that I was going to write the first episode of the new season myself. So after 
downloading a screenwriting program and learning the basics of how to use it, I spent a couple hours playing with ideas and writing them into a script. I looked over it a couple times, and decided that I was content with it. It focuses a lot on the main plot and ignores the subplots with Vork and Tink and everything, but I figured it was okay for an amateur writer who has never written anything ever before and just downloaded the screenwriting program this morning.

I'd love some feedback....I know it isn't spectacular or anything, but I just can't wait for season 6!

(Yes, I know I spelled undead wrong on Codex's last line.)
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