Pick the next Geek & Sundry Tee Design!

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I really love all of these designs, honestly - which ones are your faves? Cast your vote with the link and let's chat geeky fashion in this thread. <3 


  • Jamc888Jamc888 Member, Moderator
    I assume it just does nothing if you're already subscribed like we are @Zuffy, I used the same email :)

    Voted for the Pixel Party one but I love them all, I'm glad you're asking for our opinions on the important issues like this.
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  • Fiendish_ImpFiendish_Imp Member, Moderator
    I voted for the pixel party one as well. 
    Viva la Retrolution!

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  • I want to be greedy and have them all, but I'm all for the pixel party one if I really have to pick one. It's kind of all of the awesome. There is no awesome left for anyone else. G&S has it all.

    *runs away again, because forums are scary*
  • Pixel Party is pretty sweet
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    I picked pixel party as well because it's cool and stands out on its own right. The other two don't grab my attention as much. Also, I would feel like a fraud wearing the future vlogger t-shirt. However, if I had a kid, I think that shirt for them would be cute.
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  • I agree with @zuffy - the POW design was amazing, but it didn't get my vote for the very reason listed - it just didn't quite say "Geek & Sundry" to me, which the pixel design totes does. 

    (This is me trying to overcome the 27% :P )
  • I voted POW!  BUT because we do have so many "comic" based things going on.  Plus it is something a little different than our normal logo.  Trust me, I got that sticker on all of my cars right now!


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  • Daniel_WallaceDaniel_Wallace Member, Moderator
    I also voted POW! I like all the designs but to me, it stands out the most and I'd love to see something a little different.

    @littlemissKriss_, you are doing a fine job staying unlurked so far. Keep it up! :-)
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  • torontogaltorontogal Member, Moderator
    Ooh! - they're all really cool!  But I'm going with the Pixel Party one - it kind of gives the sense that Anne Wheaton slammed her fist into your chest and pieces of the G&S logo have gone flying off the shirt a la that episode of TableTop :)

    @littlemissKris_ *waves excitedly* - I haven't got a chance to officially say it yet, so 'welcome to the forums!' :D
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    I AM going to buy whatever shirt wins though, that's a given. Can we just have them all? Please??

    *waves back excitedly at @torontogal * ... you and your pm's of "join the convos!!!!" :P
  • torontogaltorontogal Member, Moderator
    @littlemissKris - if it takes a little bit of peer-pressure to get awesome people like yourself to join in on our wacky conversations, then I can't help but try :)

    On a similar note, I haven't had a chance to thank @gigglz187 for joining in - welcome aboard and thanks for all your posts! :D
  • Oh I have no doubt about that! I'm just incredibly shy. Twitter is easier, because I don't see everyone and I just feel like I'm talking to myself haha. 

    Regardless, I'm trying :)

    More importantly than my silly face being here though, how excited is everyone for new G&S merch?!

    *shoves clothing down in closet* I HAVE ROOM FOR IT ALL!!!! XD 
  • Fiendish_ImpFiendish_Imp Member, Moderator
    I think @littlemissKris_ is a marvelous addition to our community

    Don't worry about being shy, we all start that way, but then you realize what an amazing group of people congregate in these forums. 
    Viva la Retrolution!

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  • Guuuuys, I'm feeling all warm and fuzzy, and you are all amazingly nice! I feel super welcomed!... but... T-SHIIIRRRTTTSSS!!!!!!

    Geek & Sundry t-shirts!!! This thread is like Christmas came early! 

    I'm pretty sure if they came out with Geek & Sundry car mats, I would buy them despite not having a car.
  • Jamc888Jamc888 Member, Moderator
    *waves to @littlemissKris_*

    @Torontogal and @Zuffy are right - the forums are definitely not scary, they and the people here are 100% awesome :)
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  • The Vlogger logo was good, Pixel better but I think POW was best. Unfortunately from what I can see in this discussion it appears Pixel might be winning and while that wouldn't be totally bad I've decided to vote 10 times for POW, more if I have to.    ;)

    I guess you could say I am slightly competitive.  

    GO POW!
  • Eep! Last day to vote! We need to get everyone on this!!
  • @torontogal Happy to be aboard and no longer lurking. Thank you.
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  • Call me biased, but I'd go with Pixel Party.
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  • Wish I would have seen this earlier. 
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