Introducing new people to The Guild

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I recently converted my younger cousin in to watching the show. At first she didn't seem to like it all that much but yesterday we watched season 2 and 3 back to back and would have gone on to 4 if we didn't have to get up early in the morning. 

I have also persuaded several other friends to watch the show as well! They loved it and even started gaming because of it! 

My question for you, is how many people have you brought into The Guild and how did they respond to the show? 


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  • Well that's a great thread. 
    I have two friends - non gamers who watched and loved it.
    A gamer friend who watched all 5 seasons but had some problems with that. [He says he never gamed with anyone as annoying as Codex. :D :D
    And at least another 3 people who tried and didn't like.
    I have one friend who only watches if I sit and watch with her so..we've finished season 1 so far. :S 
    And yes, I did try with a lot of people. I also wrote about it a lot in my blog [it's in Hebrew so - hey, new crowd! :D] but most people either don't get the jokes, hates that it's so short or can't relate to the online world. I don't know, most of my RL people aren't geeks [I mean, I don't fall in that slot either so..] and well English is their second language so we sometime miss a lot if the abbreviations and's hard to get people watching. 
    And you're talking to someone who made at least 15 people watch Mad Men. Probably more than 15, I totally lost count on that was crazy. :) 
  • It's quite difficult to talk about a show here in Italy when people doesn't know english. Luckily my best friend and a friend of mine found the episodes of the first three series subbed in italian, so they watched it. My friend likes it and is waiting that even the other ones get subbed, my best friend loves it and so i told her about the channel G&S where she watched some shows with me while translating to her, and now she admires Felicia Day such as i.
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