On The Table s06 e05: Fortune & Glory UP FOR GRABS!

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Whoo-hoo! More chances to win some tabletop-related goodies from On The Table! What would you like to see on the show in the future? 


  • I had to jump through quite a few hoops to post here in the hopes to win "Fortune and Glory". I got rather annoyed with your sign in process telling me "My humanity was suspect" until I realized it was a test to ensure I possessed the capacity to get annoyed, which proved I was not a robot...

    Well played.
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    Sorry @proffejor for that annoyance. We're working to try to minimize the impact of spambots.

    On the upside its still easier to sign up than get onto a commercial jet.
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  • I too had problems signing into this whole commenting thing. The upside is that I now have a better chance wining that copy of "Fortune and Glory". If nobody else figures it out you can just roll a D2. :D
  • I think for "On The Table" they take commenters on the Youtube video for the competition entry. I don't think I've ever seen Warren or the other Beasts of War folk on these forums.
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  • Love Flying Frog games, really hope I win this one!
  • Aaah, I'm sorry if I confused anyone with my question! Mine was idle curiosity, but entering DOES take place in the youtube comments. Make sure you leave one there, and thanks for being patient enough to break through our spam walls more accurately than the Titans VS. Wall Maria. ;) 
  • ThomasCovertThomasCovert Member
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    Been a huge Flying Frog fan boy for a long time now and Fortune and Glory is the only one I don't own (can't afford it).  Thanks for covering it.
  • I love Flying Frog Production. I'd really love to win "Fortune and Glory"! Side note go to Kickstarter tomorrow. They have a new Lovecraft themed Old West game that will be posted. I will be supporting that... I mean Cowboys and Lovecraft = Win. Thanks!
  • Tabletop games in their various forms have been my "drug of choice" for ages. Thx for the updates!
  • While waiting for FFP's Shadows of Brimstone Kickstarter campaign to launch, winning Fortune & Glory would be great! :)
  • Fortune & Glory is a great game, and I'd love the chance to win a copy. Thank you On the Table for featuring it!
  • I love the show. 
  • Great show!  Super psyched for Rise of the Runelords!
  • Great show as usual.  Thanks for the Mice and Mystics update. 
  • I would love a copy of fortune and glory!!
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