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I just received my 'Highland Sextasy' poster today! And I am so stoked!!  My local comic book store also said they would order the comic books for me, so...Other than the iTunes purchases I've made (all seasons and the songs ^_^) ----> I will actually have some non virtual possessions! Which again...I'm super stoked for!!

What are some of the things you have bought as a huge 'The Guild' fan?


  • Ok... you just set your self up for some crazy stuff to go down in this thread. Now to start. I have both Guild trade issues (both have full cast signatures) then the guild: Fawkes in both regular and variant covers(variant is signed by Wil and Felicia and is in a comic book picture frame). Then I have not one but two Guild posters one being Codex (in game avatar and you guessed it signed by felicia and the artist which you can find here (*codex*.html). I love that one because it was my first ever piece of art I bought at a con and got signed. Then I got The Guild Zaboo cover art exclusive print they were selling at their SDCC G&S offsite meetup, ok I know your sick of it now and you guessed it, I did get is signed by the entire cast. I also have season one (the 2009 version old sleeve art and all) season three and season five of The Guild on DVD. Ok now thats out of the way lets get to stuff I don't have yet but plan on getting. I very much like Zaboo (season four and season five) did many things during SDCC like staying up for more then 40 hours straight, going to a nerd party (thanks again G&S!) seeing a lot of the Star power they used in season 5 when Bladez got invited into that celebrity (no, I did not do what he did). So I kind of had a commission with the one who did the codex print I am still waiting for it and will be for quite some time as I wanted one of the largest commissions he has ever done $200 is out of my hands but will soon come back to in the form of sweet beautiful art. Lastly I am on the pre-order list for the QMX 1/6th Codex statue ( that is freaking amazing to see in person (they had it out at SDCC). I save up all year for this and plan everything in advance to get the most out of it. That is my secret and how I wound up having this awesome collection of Guild stuff.
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  • Holy crap, that 1/6 codex is almost 200!! I will just take action figure versions. Where are those at?? Maybe even bobble heads?
  • Its a beautiful thing standing at 11 inches tall and its 3d printed which is a awesome. If a bobble head ever does come out you can be sure that there will be a bonnie / anne special edition with googly eyes
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  • Wow Steven, that's incredible! I wish I could meet the cast one day, soon, hopefully!!
  • I'm a big fan of The Guild. So far I have all the DVDs and songs. I went to the SDCC and got to meet Felicia Day got her to autograph the Codex comic. Day two of comic-con I went to her live taping of the Flog. Day three I went to the G&S panel wearing my newly bought G&S shirt, then right after that I got in line to get all The Guilds autographs on an SDCC exclusive poster. Yay, Epic Loot!
    But here's one cool item that I plan on getting very soon. ;

    Apparently some of them were given away at the con but I must have missed them.
  • @lcfan03 The floppets were being sold at the Roddenberry booth thanks for reminding me of something I forgot on my already massive list. By the way which poster did you get? Was it the trade issue #2 cover but in a large print or did you get the 8x10 photo of I'm the one thats cool? Also where were you located in the G&S panel, I was in the 3rd row left middle sections. 
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  • @Steven Yeah the comic issue one is what I got.
    Here's me with it.
    At the panel I was middle/back on the right side. So I was way back there, but at the flog tapping the day before, I was in the front row. I can be seen in the outside shots waiting in line and in the inside shots you can see the back of my head, lol fun times.
  • I @lcfan03 that was the one to get I heard they ran out very quickly of them. I have it as well sadly I couldn't go to the live flog as I was in the firefly panel practically balling. So I'm guessing you did not get into the party? i was so shocked when I got inside it there was just celeb after celeb. Also if you went back to the off site event on friday you would have been able to chat with Wil and Felicia also Colin Ferguson showed up too. I'm really hoping my commission is done soon so I can arrange a pickup at Comikaze expo that's in a few weeks I can't wait to see how it turned out. It was funny because during the con I had a group of about 4 people I stayed in 100% contact with they kept on saying they saw me everywhere and when I finally started to check online I found out they were correct I mean I even made it into Bonnie's and Anne's vandaleyes PowerPoint at woot stock. This was indeed the best Con I have ever been to.
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  • @Steven I didn't try to get into the party cause the friends I was with didn't seem into it. I did make it into the private panels at Nerd HQ with Nathan Fillion and also the Joss Whedon one, so I have a good excuse for missing the Table Top stuff with Wil and Felicia. After the taping of the Flog I stayed for the taping of Sword and Laser so I got to meet Veronica Belmont, and I got to see Bonnie when she came by one of the Guild signings and then later saw her doing a panel on costumes. It was my first time going to SDCC, I had a blast, I got to see so many of the people I have only seen on screen. I have my tickets for next year already, can't wait. I'm thinking about driving down to DragonCon because I don't live that far away and check out what Felicia Day and G&S has going on there.   
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